Monday, December 3, 2012

Spring in December.

That's what it's felt like all day. A beautiful 74 degree day somehow got lost and ended up here in the middle of Missouri in December! It was gorgeous. We had all the windows open and the breeze blowing through the whole house....
Anyways, It was gorgeous. And I'm sad to know it's not gonna be here anymore tomorrow, And I'll probably have to wait months for another day as warm as this. Oh well. 
Hey, Christmas is coming up! 
22 days away. *eeek* :D 
yup. I'm getting excited. I hope it snows. 

'cause that tiny little Loki up there wasn't good enough....;) 

Anyway. I just wanted to mention the weather. Pathetic. I know. Sorry. 



  1. hahaha, i love that last picture. Except I'm more of the type who makes sure of the where abouts of the guns when someone knocks on the door! lolz ;)
    Ikr?! the weather has been awesome!! I hear its gonna stay this way for the rest of the week! <3

  2. Hehehehe, I love that 1% thingy. *Giggle giggle giggle*

  3. The weather here is dropping fast. I rode my bike today, not my brightest idea.

    I do the one percent. Even when someone is hope with me. *Grin*

  4. I JUST LOVE STAR WARS. And i looove the last picture, im definitely in that 1 %. ;) lol. I'm glad you have nice weather! Right now its too warm for my taste in FL. :P Oh well, im going to NC soon so im content:)

  5. I can't believe how warm it is. Maybe December got lost?

  6. I *LOVE* that picture on top! It is awesome until it gets to Mace Windu and Nick Fury! Than it was AMAZING!!!! :-)

  7. Half of me wishes Jo had married Laurie and the other half is glad she didn't. So I am always very torn. It is just, he was soooo nice and fun! And they would have had such fun together...when they weren't fighting.

    Haha, Robert Downey Jr. quotes are now noticable!


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