Thursday, December 27, 2012

whatnot or whatever.

Well, Christmas has been and just a few days New years will be past. 
Then, Back to life. regular ol' life. lol. I can't say I'm really looking forward to it. I like having nothing to do all day except watch movies, play LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean, Read you guys' blogs, eat candy, and be lazy. pft. lol. So, After New Years it's finishing up my senior year of highschool, Studying for my ACT test, orchestra, Work, and such. All those responsibilities and them. -_- ;) No, really. I don't mind getting back to school and stuff. The sooner I get to it the sooner I'm finished, right? :D 

Oh, By the way, I had a really wonderful Christmas. ^_^ I got some really epic/fun/lovely stuff! Also, My Uncle Jared gave my family a gift certificate to SIlver Dollar City so that we can get season passes this year!!! :D I'm so excited! I love that place. and I've missed it this year. Plus, The new ride, {Check it out! --->>The Outlaw Run<---}, is opening!! *squeal* It's gonna be so good. xD

and check this out: 
You've heard me gush about how much better French Press coffee is than coffee from a regular drip coffee pot, right? 

Ta-da!! :D Mum and Dad got me my own single serving French press. ^_^ I'm in love with it. now I don't have to make half-pots in the big one just for me anymore! I've already used it several times. It's amazing. lol. :D oh, and that amazingly adorable owl mug. :D Isn't it *cute*? (Oh, and it has *eleven* "whos" around the rim. coincidence? I think not! lol)

Anyways, good times. :)
My and my siblings are watching an old Kurt Russell Disney movie. These crack me up. ^_^
I hope the remainder of your Thursday is lovely.




  1. Grrrr..I said no more Tom. hehe. Oh well <3 *loki'dallthefreakingway*
    i cannot WAIT to go to SDC with you!! <3 Its about time they got a new ride! xD

  2. ilovethis:) And i hear you, its kinda weird having it go by so fast, you know? and getting back to real life. oh well. it happens.


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