Thursday, March 29, 2012

That Feeling When You...

~Look into a beautiful pair of eyes.~
~Finally figure out exactly how that Algebra problem works.~
~Bite into a fresh Krispy Kreme full of dark chocolate custard.~
~Find a new blog that you absolutely adore.~
~Feel your little unborn niece or nephew moving in your sister's womb.~
~Smile. And someone smiles back.~
~wake up from reality.~
~Play a concerto perfectly from memory.~
~Hear Mr. Buble sing Feelin' Good.~
~Find out that your bestie is coming.~
~Load into the van for a road trip.~
~Hear the thunder rumbling in the didstance.~
~Wake up in the middle of the night because you hear rain on the roof.~
~See the sunset from the top of the hill.~
~Fly over the lake on skis behind a speeding boat screaming/laughing your brains out.~ 
~Get goose-bumps because a song is so beautiful it makes you cry inside.~
~Run out into the rain barefoot.~
~Find the perfect flower.~
~climb under cold sheets at night in the middle of Summer.~ 
~Laugh your heart out with Someone you love.~ 
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3
Do you know that feeling?


Monday, March 26, 2012

Absolutely Nothing...

{I love laughing}|{This show crackes me up}|{I am so glad Spring is here}|{I want food}|{I love hoodies}|{I wanna have an adventure}|{I love our new camera}|{We walked to the creek yesterday}|{I bought new performance shoes}|{Jenna crackes me up}|{It's getting late}|{I had a fabulous birthday party yesterday}|{It was actually me, Aaron, Tyana, Elaina, and Joanna's birthday party}|{We ate good food}|{Micah got his drivers license today}|{lol}|{the parking lot at Marshal's smelled really funny today}|{I'm not super good at guitar}|{do you like that picture?}|{I need sleep}|{I am so not looking forward to school tomorrow}|{I *really* like striped hoodies}|{*growl*}

 <3 xoxo <3 

Friday, March 23, 2012

Five Years. a kinda silly post...

Five years doesn't sound like very far from now. 

There's an ant on the screen. That has absolutely nothing to do with what this post was gonna be but it stole all of my attention there for a sec. I Shall name him Jim. I don't know anybody named Jim. Now I do. :D 

Back to what I was saying. Five years doesn't seem like very much time. 
In five years, I will be 22. 
I will probably have a husband and maybe even children! 
No, I don't have a boyfriend. Heck, I don't even know a guy right now that I am interested in in that way. :) lol
I'm just saying, that  in five years a lot can happen. 
My youngest brother will be 9 years old. My oldest brother will be 32. (old fart. ;) lol) 
I could have a lot more nieces and nephews and maybe even a few new sisters-in-law. 
(uh-oh....I think mum just killed Jim. May he rest in peace. <3) 
In Five years, so much will be different! It is insane to think about! It's terribly exciting. ^_^
I'm so glad that we don't know how our lives are going to turn out. Aren't you? If we did, don't you think that we would always be trying so hard to change it, or keep it the same that we would ruin it? By not knowing, we can just live. All we have to do is trust that God knows best and do our best to obey Him and seek his will. :) I love life. I am so thankful that God chose for me to exist. Chose to put me right here. Right in this family, in this mobile home, on top of our rocky hill. <3 
I can't wait to see what Five years will bring my way. ^_^ 

Monday, March 19, 2012

*and now, A message from Miss Lamont*

,mvbj,nckfdtersiou5u4 3387uet4  vhvumcli8vmhqvhydschvyucxtttttttttttttt4][]
* this has been a message from Miss Lamont *

I am suffering from an insane lackage of anything interesting to write about......

It's Spring.

I aqm wAassAEwassA1Q1A am AND 1Q1Q eLAINA feels it is her duty to help me write t`his`1 post1. 1.awqwq.w.....She keeps taking my hand off the keyboard and writing her own version as you can see. Now she is distracted by the phone...I think I better rescue it before it drowns....

Mission accomplished.

Samuel is chasing Nedward and Lish around the house....lotsa yelling, screaming, and giggles. HAHAHA!!! Lina just made the most hilarious sound of frustration when I took that phone away for the 6th time just now. xD She makes me laugh.

I apologize for this post. It is lame and retarded, I know. I hope I haven't wasted too much of your time... :) But I am bored, and Nonii isn't GETTING ON...(excuse the caps lock. Lina, strikes again.) ooh! There she is...Nonii, that is. Not Lina...O.o
I'm home now. In comfy PJ's...and still with nothing to blog about. ^_^ So I edited a pic. Here it is. <3
luuuuuvvv xoxo.


Friday, March 16, 2012

A beautiful Friday...

My Friday was very much different from how it usually is...
It was totally a blast. All day. :D Usually I have orchestra and babysitting ALL day on Fridays. It is a pretty long day almost every time, but so worth it. I love my friends there and I love my classes and getting to play my violin in such a huge group. xD It's so kool. 
Anyways, Today, When we left for orchestra, Mum dropped Micah and I off at Joshua and Tyana's house so that we could go to Rick Santorum Rally an hour and a half away! I was so excited! I had missed the one last week and was terribly sad about it. So, We left their house around 8 I think. We drove for a long time, and got there right at 10, when it was supposed to start,  and got right in the door. :D Mr. Santorum wasn't actually there for a while so people were just conversing and such. I spent that time like I usually do, Studying people. There were several young familys there, much like my brother and  sister-in-law's, who I was sitting with. :D It was lovely to see other babies and small children there. There were lots of elderly retired people, most of them very kind looking and happy to smile back. There was a rather strange group of people standing up on the stage above the podium. A few older high-class looking people, A few younger guys in kakhi pants or jeans, and t-shirts, and a few other regular kinds of people. The Secret Service men were intruiging, as always. :D They are so...stoic. With their stiff suits and  very set expressions. Like they were not going to smile if the president's life depended on it. :D Every now and then one of them would un-fold their hands just long enough to say someting into their lapel or adjust their earpiece. It was like watching one of those awesome spy movies. One of them looked just like Agent Barret from one of my fave TVshows ever.....
(I really hope you like descriptions. I love describing people so much!) 
Mr. Santorum had a very wonderful speech full of his goals and beliefs and wishes for our county's future! I wish I could vote for him. Sadly, I will not be old enough to vote this year. I believe, from what I have heard/read/seen that he really is the best choice for presidency. He was so chill too! He was in a a nice casual outfit and seemed lo enjoy making people laugh. :D I liked his personality. 
After the Rally we went to get lunch at a little Italian restaurant in a huge outlet mall. It was goood....:) 
After Lunch we decided to go find a beach on the nearby Lake of the Ozarks. We did. It was a lovely little rocky beach right off of a trail. Secluded from the road, and clean. :D Me, Josh, and the kids rolled up our jeans and waded in the shallow water and skipped rocks and looked at little fish and had a grand time. Tyana sat on a quilt up on the beach with Elaina in the shade laughing at Josh and us kids. Micah had a great time throwing huge rocks into the water right next to me, showering me with water, and laughing his heart out. lol. What are brothers for I s'pose. ;)  
After the beach we went back to the mall and shopped around for a while, then we stopped at Coldstone Creamery and got ice cream to eat on the trip home. We got home around 5:30, completely exhausted, and happy from a fun day. The kids and mom got home about 30 minutes after us. 
Right now, I have had a shower, I'm in my lovely PJ's, I just ate a delicious piece of toast (with Salsa on top ^_^), and I'm sitting in my corner of the couch trying not to doze off and watching a show with the family. <3 It has been such a lovely day. I am so glad God has blessed me with such a wonderful family and such a great life. He is so merciful to shower His blessings on us! We deserve worse than everlasting punishment, yet, He loves us and gives us second chances all the time. :) I love Him with my whole heart. 
The thing I regret very most about today, is that the camera was dead. I was sittin' at the Music Hall and Mr. Santorum was about to come out to speak and I had the camera on and ready, And. It died. Just like that. Totally dead. I was *so*upset! I do not have *any* pictures from after 10 o' clock this morning. It is horrifying. I am still sad about it...:P 
Oh well. :) 
I better go ahead and get off. I am terribly sleepy...I might go find something delicious to eat. ooh, Mom just made a pot of French Press coffee....HuZzAh!! <3  
luv! xoxo

I took this last week and edited it yesterday morning. <3 I rather like it. 


Thursday, March 15, 2012

Are you a fan of delicious flavor?

Well, I had written a cute little post about life in general...but then Iwas sittin' here staring blankly at the jar of crawdads on the dresser and somehow it all got erased. :P :) since I don't wanna write it all out again, A condensed version would be:
Life is beautiful. The weather is perfect. My family is the best. And I'm a pretty happy girl overall. ^_^ 
<3 <3 <3 <3 
luvluv! xoxoxo

Monday, March 12, 2012

I. Am. Tired.

I dunno what to write about. do you ever feel that way?
seriously. like, my mind is soooo blank right now...
My Pirate birthday party was last night. It was epic. We watched all four movies in one afternoon/evening. from 2PM to 12AM. I had a few of my friends over and we just hung out and laughed and squealed and alsmot cried and had a blast. <3 yeap. It was totally fun. 'course, tons of cafiene and Doritos helps too...
I am sleepy. We went to the zoo today. It was about 76degrees. And sunny. And totally 100% gorgeous! I got giraffe snot on me. I wanted a picture of her lovely eyelashes, And she blew snot on me. Isn't she rude? Germ-X is lovely in a situation like that. 
I just knocked the mouse off the arm of the couch and caught it in mid-air. That's 'cause I'm a Ninja. 
I want to sail somewhere. I want to sail in a huge boat to some beautiful little island in the caribbean. 
I have to get off of here and get some sleep. Maybe sometime I'll blog for real istead of just posting nothing. *sigh* I'm leaving. 


Friday, March 9, 2012

Birthday weekend.

Yesterday was my birthday. I am officially 17! how crazy is that!? I had a wonderful day. My Family party will be on the 20somethingth and my Pirate Party is this Sunday. :D I am so psyched! 'course, I am kinda very sad that my wonderful Bestie won't be able to make it. :'( It was the plan for her to come, but something came up unexpectedly and she can't come anymore. I'mma MISS YOU Nonii!!! :( Anyways, here are a few pictures from Yesterday. <3 <3 

My birthday breakfast from Mum and Dad!!! <3 <3 

The laaaasstt Meeelllooonn...Or rather, doughnut. I s'pose. 

My preeeecious! 

one more delicious, wonderful, doughnutty bite....

Sleet. On my birthday... It was a beautiful day despite the weather. 

On the way to get haircuts with Mum, Tyana, and her beautiful kiddies! They are dolls. 

Lovely Miss Lina. 

My new-ish hair!! lol. I pretty much got my layers trimmed up short again and new bangs. :D You like?
Orchestra was good today. long. but good. <3 
I am so tired. It's almost 11. 
Tomorrow is Federation....I don't like playing front of judges...
Have you ever eaten mayonayse and pickles? I don't know if I would reccomend it....It isn't delicious. If you are starving in the middle of the night and there is nothign else in the fridge and you're outta bread in the pantry to put the pickles on, then they're not so bad...I think...
I had a huuuugeeeee JavaChip Frappuccino from Starbucks today. 
I love sparkles. A lot. Sparkles and shiney things. Yeah. I really love Sparkles. 
Annnnnd, this post is getting nowhere. So, I'mma leave...and go sleep. ^_^ <3 <3 
Luuuuuvz! xoxo


Monday, March 5, 2012

This second....

My violin.
The same wonderful secret as Nonii. 

This candy is good...
I should be doing my Spanish.
I wanna go to Jamaica. 

I was a billionare.
Me an' my brothers Jazz band will happen someday.
I had a Krispy Kreme maker machine. 

{Listening to} 
Horton Hears a Who.
The Keyboard.
My little brothers expressing frustration at paper airplanes that won't fold correctly. 

A Chance To Die
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
And Then There Were none

 Idea for this from Nonii. :D If you don't read her blog, You should. 'Cause it's pretty Epic. <3 <3 <3 

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Hello, Loverly blogger folks! <3
How have you all been? It feels like I haven't blogged in weeks! ^_^
I have had a fabulous Saturday so far. I was up at 6:15 to spend the morning holding signs for Rick Santorum at the Springfield Lincoln Days dealieo. It was flipping freeeeezing. :) We (Us oldest four kids that still live at home)  had fun hangin' out with some friends and what though. After we left there we stopped at Mudhouse (the Amazingest coffee shop in all of Missouri) and warmed up with coffee and more hanging out. Then, We did some electronic shopping at Best Buy, Wireless Trendz, and Radio Shack. (All were a fail 'cept Best Buy where we found everything that we needed. ^_^) The boys dropped off Jonni an' me at Ty's house to help her finish up some stuff for 'Laina's birthday party tomorrow and to watch a movie. We watched "On The Town" with Gene Kelly. I *love* that movie. xD I actually love all the Sinatra/Kelly movies there are! They are the best.
I'm home now. :)
I am terribly sleepy despite the all the Monster and Coffee I have had today. I had the Monster Java: Irish Blend. I'd never had it before! I really like it. There are several new flavors now that I haven't tried. I was supposed to be off of sugar this month. :P I failed. lol. Back to it tomorrow. :) The new flavors will have to wait until April to be tasted. ;)
Federation is in a week and a half. I was finally able to play my song with piano accompaniment this week! It was so fun! I love putting the whole thing together and being able to play it from memory and make it sound gorgeous. I love playing violin. <3 <3 <3 <3
Aaaaaand, Joanna loaned me a few music books full of epic songs with guitar chords to learn!!! aayeee! I love learning new things on my guitar. I'm not very good at it, but I reallllllly want to be! I think I am getting to be alright at it. :D I know most of the basic chords and I have been learining some pretty hard ones. Or, Hard for me. :) I plan to be an epic guitar player someday though. It is one of the funnest instruments ever.
My stomach just growled. Like "grrrrrr". Like that. I think it's telling me it wants doughnuts. I'm pretty sure. If we had Krispy kreme's for neighbors I would go eat 'em. Since we don't, I s'pose I'll live without some. *sigh* Life is hard.
I want a puppy.
wooooop. I'mma get now. I hope this wasn't too lame and boring. I kinda felt like I wanted to blog though. ^_^ <3
Luvluvluv!!!! xoxo

Does this look like it's moving to ANYONE else???