Thursday, November 29, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

{inspired by Sydney and TJ!}

~trying to use as little of one finger as possible while taking my written test on the touch screen computer today fearing that I was being attacked by millions of creeper germs attached to the public screen. *gag*~
~trying to run up our rough stone sidewalk in heeled boots....and looking like a hilarious retard~
~standing in the truck driver stuffed waiting room at the place where I took my Permit test (don't know what it's called. lol) 'cause there were no open chairs...pretending to be interested in the little phamplet I picked up off the table.~
~Climbing into the suburban through the back seat and trying to crawl up to the front seat 'cause the front passenger door is broken.~

~My brother getting home just now and dumping reese's peanut butter cups in my lap.~
~laughing my face off with my mum in the car today while we listened to sound fx on this sweet little app she has on her Tablet~
~Jeeves and Wooster~
~ Getting my Driver's permit! I know, I'm 17. lol. I've just recently needed one though....can't wait to learn how t' drive!~
~Having Doritos and Mtn. Dew for dinner~
~Watching Looney Tunes with my neices and nephew this evening~ 

Gonna git now! I know this is short, but I ran out of time. lol. 
anyways, A few pictures to see you off. <3 

Proud owner of a Missouri driver's permit. ^_^ lol. with a hideous picture of me on it...It wasn't my fault though....

gorgeous Noni and I while she was here last time. 

Happy almost weekend!



  1. :D eh, those hunter hats. <3
    and that last one. *yikesandgiggle*. i loves it.

  2. AWW CONGRATS ON YOUR LICENSE! Also, doritos and Mountain dew for dinner sounds yummy. XD And looney Tunes<3 i used to LOVE that show. Greta post! And you're sooo pretty!

  3. Congrats on your permit! I just got mine too. I should have had an actual license by now, but moving from AR to IL messed the whole process up :P

    By the way, I am completely jealous of your nice, compact, laminated permit. Illinois prints out permits on an entire sheet of computer paper. You have to fold it up and keep it in a plastic baggie. And you have to keep the ginormous thing for an entire nine months until you get your real license. Such a paaain! I miss Missouri. It's the best state ever ;)

  4. CONGRATULATIONS on the permit! That is exciting!

    I tried to run in heeled boots once. I rolled down a hill...

    Your brother sounds nice!

  5. oh, i love awesome and awkward posts! p.s. I'm having a giveaway at my blog!!


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