Thursday, February 28, 2013

And Now...

A Moment With Mr. Hiddleston:

(I love how he's trying not to smile while he says this sentence. ^_^ <3)

This has been A Moment With Mr. Hiddleston.
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 


Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Music and stuff.

So, I have a recital in 8 days and a different performance in 10. 
Truthfully I'm scared to death! I'm usually *much* more prepared than I am this time. I have a lot of work left to do on my pieces but I'm pretty sure I can get 'em nailed down and completely memorized. 
*deep breath*
I can do it. Just watch me. 
I've been practicing loads the past few days. It goes kinda like this:
1) Play until I buggar up a spot.
2) Play the spot over and over and over and over. 
3) go back and play back a ways and get past the spot. 
4) repeat. 
and if I get to play through one of my songs without stopping (Buggaring up a spot) I get to do a happydance. Those are few and far between. but they do happen every once in a while. ;) 
Anyways. Enough of that. You guys wanna hear what I'm playing in these performances?
Here goes:

Concerto in G (K. 216): Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

I'm not playing the whole thing with all the movements. :) I'm only playing to 7:18. The rest of it's pretty good too, though, so listen away, if you like! Maybe someday I'll do more of it. 

Polish Dance (Edmund Severn)

(It was really tough to find a good recording of this one, here's the best I could find!)
This song is loads of fun! I like it much better than I thought I would...It has quick fun parts and slow pretty stuff and a lot of double stops. I was really nervous about doing a song with double stops at first because they've never been my strong point. I'm so glad to do this one though! I've really improved in that area. 

I have another that I'm doing but I can't find it anywhere on youtube. Sorry. It's my least favorite of the three though, so I'm not too worried about it. :D


There y'are! I don't think I'm playing all three at the recital, but we'll see. I do have to play all three on the 9th though. And I'm being judged on them...I hate playing for judges. 

On a slightly different note, The performance last night went pretty well! lol. One of our groups kind of flopped a piece. It stank. but we survived, and hopefully it won't be remembered. ;) 
The Lord of the Rings piece went SO well! It was amazing. it gave me shivers and goosebumps and felt beyond epic to be playing. It was my favorite part, for sure. 
The rest went great. it was a blast overall. During intermission I got to see a few people I don't usually see, which was the best. :) And, I didn't stumble once in my heeled shoes. This is a new thing for Ms. Klutzy (me). :D I don't ever fall, but stumbling is a very regular occurrence. :D 
On the way home we got hamburgers. I love hamburgers. 

Pictures. Because this post lacks them.

Anyway. There's some of the stuff I'm working on musically these days! 
I hope I haven't bored you all beyond belief! <3
Ta-ta for now

{Rachel Joy}

{p.s. It's only 9 days until my birthday! *squeeeeee* yup. excited over here. I love birthdays.}

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


A few of the pictures I took this morning:

Liddie-dog had just finished tackling Sam and licking his face. :D 



Leah, jonnah, and Ethan. and the beginning of our snowman.
paw print! ^_^
under the snow it's a layer of frozen rain from yesterday

Ethan gotz hat hair! :D

Our finished Snowman! or...snowlady, rather. since the accessories are rather feminine. ;) lol
selfie of Ethan and I on the trampoline. ^_^


I woke up to the prettiest snow yet this year. :D I can't believe how gorgeous it is. It's so thick and white and everywhere! It looks like Narnia. not joking. ^_^ 
After running some errands with Mum this morning me and some of my little siblings got bundled up and went outdoors. I was gonna just take a walk, but got sidetracked helping with a snowman, scraping snow of the trampoline, playing with my doggie, and getting in a snow fight with my brother. It was awesome. 
This evening I my sister and I have a concert with our orchestra. It's gonna be so great! We're playing a lot of really fun songs, including a kind of medley of the Lord of the Rings soundtrack! It is so cool. really. I wish you guys could come hear us. :D 

And I smell a fresh pot of coffee. *yesss* 

I hope you have a fantastic Tuesday! 
<3 <3 


Saturday, February 23, 2013

Q's & A's and such.

I've been tagged, once again!!
ready for some Q's & A's?
here goes.

 Treskie's tag:


*Answer the questions
*Tell four very random things about yourself.
*nominate if you feel like it (or essentially that.)

1) Avengers or Batman?
ohhh....Good one, Treskie. Um. I adore them both. I'm pretty sure I hafta go with Avengers, though. :D <3 <3

2) What is your favorite kind of dog?
Great Dane..oooooohhhhhman. I love those dogs. so huge and lovable and gorgeous. ^_^

so squishaaaay!! <3 <3 *huug dat puppy*

3) Bourne or Bond?
Bourne. all the way baby. :D especially Bourne Legacy. *Jeremy Renner* yess...

4) Do you have any desire to learn how to use a gun? Sword? Bow and Arrow?
 I already know how to shoot a gun. :D Sword and bow and arrow. YES PLEASE! I really want to learn. :D

5) When watching a movie in a foreign language, would you rather have subtitles or have it dubbed over?
I've never watched a movie in a foreign language....I've started them before but I can't STAND it. either way it kills me. I think I prefer subtitles though. dubbed over drives me out of my mind.


Katrina's tag:

1) What sort of a book would you describe yourself to be? (i.e., are you a fantasy, historical fiction, dystopian ect.?)
uh....I don't think at all I could describe me as a book. lol. Maybe a goofy weird children's book....that people go "O.o gosh...that's" lolz.

2) What would you be likelier to do? Order coffee with a British accent, or pretend to be deaf when someone talks to you?
Definitely order coffee with a British accent. I do a pretty good British accent. xD It's true.

3) A total stranger walk up to you. Do you (a) react instantly and punch him in the face before he has a chance to introduce himself? (b) Step back and see if he is hostile before punching? or (c) Go all coward and run away, screaming like a banshee?
Is there a "d"? I think I'd step back and see if he is hostile before pullin' out the pepper spray...because he might have germs on his face that would be transmitted onto my hand through contact caused by punching...

4) Would you rather be sick with the stomach 'flu or a shockingly bad case of strep throat?
The 'flu....definitely...I can't stand sore throats at. all. :P

5) if YOU could be a super hero, what type would you like to be?
The kind where they're really epic and you're totally not sure if the powers they have are actual superpowers or if they're just SUPER AWESOME. xD Kinda like Toni Stark...and batman. and hawkeye and Black Widow. <33333

6) Someone yells "OBEY!" what's the first thing you think of?
A Dalek. Or, perhaps all those t-shirts in Zumies in the mall....that all said "obey" all over them. yeah. That was strange.

Right then! :) On to random facts, I suppose. Four of them. comin' up.

1) I love hoodies. like, *love* hoodies. They're my security blanket. especially when I go places. idky
2) I DESPISE hand lotion. it sicks me out on a huge level. all slimy. eeew...
3) I love bracelets! a lot of them. at once. :D
4) I have a hard time throwing things away. my room is full of random stuff I've had fore forever that prolly ought to be thrown away but that I have some sort of silly attachment to. yep. weird.

because it's the Doctor. 

Done!! I won't nominate anyone as I'm rather short on time at the moment. but thanks for the Tags Treskie and Katrina!! I had loads of fun. ^_^

Happy Saturday, folks!


Monday, February 18, 2013

So....I pretty much had the most amazing weekend ever. 

Photo from Noni

My gorgeous Bestie got to come visit from Wednesday afternoon to Sunday afternoon. We had the greatest time! Ice skating, caffeine, talking, shopping, orchestra, mall walking, people watching, laughing, gushing over our nephew, and plain ol' hanging out is what most of the weekend consisted of. It was so much fun. Seriously though, I'm not very good at ice skating. I prolly would've fallen a million times if Noni hadn't saved my life over and over. ehehe. :)
Anyways, She left Sunday afternoon, like I said. And I miss her like crazy. I can't wait for her to come back again (hopefully for my birthday in a month!).
Photo from Noni
^^Our Skating group!
Photo from Noni
^^ {Us and our pretty Nephew!}
Noni's  post is way better than mine and has more pictures. :) I only stole a few from her....I wish I had taken some. I usually do, but this time it didn't happen. Oh well. Her pictures are pretty, anyways and mine ususally stink. :D <3 

Photo from Noni

Have a fabulous week, people! <3 


Tuesday, February 12, 2013


I'm beyond tired....I've been so busy and staying up too late the past few days. lol. :D It's been fun, but I think I'll go to bed early tonight...

You didn't care about that. I know. Sorry. haha. I'm just pretty bored and lazy feeling....
I just made coffee a little while ago...I don't want to get up to get it. lol. 
Do your eyes water up every time you yawn?? Mine do. 

I'm SO excited because Alejandra is coming down for the weekend. We're gonna go ice skating. xD I haven't been ice skating in *ages*....I just know I'm gonna be the biggest klutz there. Oh well. :D It'll be fun, I know. I used to looove it. 

is anyone else dying of excitement over Sherlock Series 3??

I'm glad to be home tonight. In my couch seat. Chatting with my bestie and laughing at my weird family. 
So excited about these days coming up. 

Here's some DW valentines for you. ^_^ I thought they were cute. haha. <3 

This is a rubbish post. 
oh well. 


Saturday, February 9, 2013

some fangirlishness and a happy birthday wish

once again, Thanks Sophie, who's blog I took this offfa. xD 

I'm so glad you all participated in this! I'm so excited to answer the questions you requested. 
I *love* Disney, Have for forever. Will continue to for just as long. :D So many of the Disney movies are so timeless. Manymany of them give me the craziest feeling of nostalgia and they bring back so many great memories. Anyways. To you Disney! *raises glass* 
There are a billion of these where I can't choose just one favorite, so bear with me. :D <3

1. I would have to say either Robin Hood the fox or Jack Sparrow. It's a toss up! 
2. Captain Hook!! :D definitely. 
7. Baloo the Bear or Mushu!  
13. Flynn and Rabpunzel are probably my favorite. :D They're SO cute. 
15. Flynn's. ehehe. Yes, His hair is adorable. girl hair: I've always loved Ariel's hair. :) So pretty. 

5. I've got an awful soft spot for Cinderella. My first ever Disney Princess movie. :D <3 I love her. 
9. Enchanted. ;) adorable.
18. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. yupyup. Disney's best movies ever. 
21. Uh, The Caribbean! as far as cartoons go, Neverland. <3
33. My Pirate Medallion that my bestie gave me for Christmas. Or my Captain Jack Sparrow action figure....

7. Oh! Second favorite(see above for first): Either Maximus from Tangled or Timothy Mouse from Dumbo. ^_^ 
15. again. Flynn takes first prize. 
18. Second favorite sequel (see above for first): Bambi II I think. It's precious. 
22. OH! Pirates of the Caribbean!! I have them all on my iPod and listen to them on a regular basis. They're so epic. 

2. Second Fave (see above for first): Cruella DeVille. oh yes. :D 
8. Kronk. Hands down. 
22. Still Pirates of the Caribbean. :D
36. Wonderland. Or the Caribbean.

and Treskie:
2. (Answered this one twice. :D haha)
10. PotC, Peter Pan, Jungle Book, Robin Hood the fox. :D The bestest.
 13. Second Fave (see above for first): Probably Lady and the Tramp. ^_^ <3
35. Any scene where Jack Sparrow is present. ;)
36. Second Fave (See above for first): . NEVERLAND!
37. Dory kind of reminds me of myself. :D
 39. That scene at the end of PotC: Dead Man's Chest.....The one where Jack dies...*sniffle* so sad. Plus, THe beginning of Up. And The first time I saw the end of Toy Story 2. ^_^ <3 I love Disney.

There ya have it! :D I thought about just answering them in order but I wanted you to be able to find the answers to the questions that *you* asked easily. :D
Thanks for goin' along with me here! I had so much fun with this one.
<3 <3 <3

Last but not NEARLY or even close to least
*drum roll*

 Happy Birthday, Thomas William Hiddleston. <3 <3 <3 ^_^


And with that. I shall leave you.
Have a fantastic remainder of the weekend!


Monday, February 4, 2013

Tags, questions, pictures, and the like.

Heya! So, I've got a lot to post tonight! 
First off, I was tagged by Caitria today so get ready for some Q & A's! 

Thank you for the award Cait!! 


  • Acknowledge the person who passed the award to you and provide their link.
  • Include the award logo on your blog.
  • Answer the ten questions posted below.
  • Make up your own ten questions for the next people.
  • Nominate blogs and link those you have especially enjoyed reading. The number you can select is up to you.
  • Notify each individual that you have nominated them

1) If you could pick a culture to come from other than our current one, which would it be?
um...I don't think I would. :) lol. I'm fine with this one. ;) 

2) What was the last book you read?
"Shadow of the Almighty" by Elizabeth Elliot. School assigned reading. wrote an essay on it to. I hate essays...

3) When you think of music, what is the first song that pops into your head? Can you explain why it is that one?
That Mozart Concerto that I'm playing for the Federated Music Competition. yes, I can! Because I've been practicing it for weeks on end and have to have it perfected and memorized by the beginning of March. :) Actually, it did take a little time to narrow it down to just one song. about fifty popped into my head when you said that. :D <3 

4) Do you remember the first time you met your best friend{s}?
Yes! well, one of them anyways. :D I was terrified to death to meet my brother's Girlfriend's family who lived about four hours away that I *had* to become friends with. I've always been terrified of meeting people. I'm so glad I did meet her though, because Noni is now my bestie and I just love her to bits. ^_^ 

5) What are Rhetorical questions?
is this rhetorical?

6) This is not a rhetorical question.
Heck. That's not even a question! ;) ehehe! 

7)  When you think about your future, where do you imagine yourself being longterm?
Oh my. That's a toughy. I'll prolly be here in Missouri....maybe with a hubbster and some kids. I don't know. the world is changing so much and it's so crazy. Plans change all the time. :) We'll just have to see. 

8) Seriously, are you ticklish?
That is top secret classified information. once word like that gets out there's no peace ever again. ;) 

9) What comes to mind when you hear the word.....pirates
The amazing Captain Jack Sparrow!!! of course. :D You hadda know I'd answer that, Cait. :D <3 <3 

10) How {and when} did you give your life to Jesus?
I was about four years old. My grampa had just died of lung cancer and I was thinking a lot about What happens after we die? My parents explained salvation to me and showed me that if we are born again christians, we can go to heaven when we die! I have my life to Jesus pretty soon after that. ^_^ <3 

Great questions!! {Except, of course, for that one that wasn't a question...;) ;) ehehe)

now for mine! 
1) What's your favorite tv show?? c'mon. choose just one, you can do it. 
2) Why would you use the word "Pazzaz"?
3) Would you rather call or text?
4) How do you feel about camping?
5) What's that one thing people say you *always* do?
6) What's up!? 
7) What's the craziest thing you've ever done?
8) have you ever wanted to climb one of those super tall phone tower things??
9) Chick flick or action? 
10) Do you want a motorcycle?
and because I just want this one:
11) Whovian or Shelocked?

there y'are! xD And my people to tag (I'll try not to retag any of you from Catiria's blog):
2) Clair
3) Lacey
5) Lydia

hope you'll do it, you guys! :D anybody that didn't get tagged that would love to be, consider it done. :D <3 


Second, took this right offa Soph's bloggy. :D I *love* it. 

Seriously. Ask me. I want you to. I *need* you to. cuz I wanna answer. ^_^ lol. <3 


Thirdly, a lot of you asked to hear the song I mentioned in the last post that we got the music for. I'll try to get that in the next post! I wanted to put it here, but our internet usage is way up and I can't tonight...I'm sorry! 


Fourthly, and lastly, I hope you have a beautiful week. 
and here's some random pictures. 
And I hope you enjoy long posts....cuz this one was pretty long...:/ 

I have so many friends this reminds me of. hahaha. :D 

especially at those gas station card reader things. Those stink. 

I think my hair is almost long enough to do this!!! xD