Monday, December 31, 2012

Ciao 2012...

So, Here we are. 12-31-12. It's been crazy. yup. 
Here comes a new year!
I'm looking forward to so much in the coming year. I'm terribly excited about it. 
but for now, I'mma take a second and point out a few of my favorite discoveries of the past year! 


These are blogs that I found this past year and that I just love to death. They're all beautiful ladies who's blogs I enjoy every single post. :) I've really enjoyed discovering new blogs and new people this year! 


These are all people I had "Known" before...ya know, but this year I feel like they're actually friends. Like people I look forward to hanging out with and enjoy being around. I'm so glad to know these people. I love it when God brings new people into my life! I can't wait to see who I'll meet in 2013. Maybe I'll just get to know some of the people I already "know" a little better! 

The Avengers
The Illusionist
The Dark Knight Rises
The Bourne Legacy

These are a few of my new favorite movies! I'm pretty sure all of these except "The Illusionist" and "Gladiator" came out this year....anyways. yeah. Epic, epic movies. 

Tom Hiddleston 
Jeremy Renner
Matt Smith

I just, this year, fell in love with these people! They're all some of my top favorite actors ever now. 

I can't wait to see what God has in store for me in 2013! 
I've leaned so much this year. I've been through some rough times, and some not so rough times and some epic times and some not so epic times. They were all worth it. They're what makes life what it is, right? :) <3 <3
I don't have many resolutions....I'm going to restart and get all the way through the 60 day Insanity workout that I started las Summer. i only got halfway through it last year and really wanna do the whole thing this year! :D Plus, I'm going off soda for the year. I'm sure i can do it. I'm not terribly fond of soda anyway, so I figured I wouldn't have soda just 'cause when I can make a healthier choice! So, a year without soda. :) Here we come! 

I hope you had a beautiful 2012, and I hope 2013 is gorgeous. 

Happy New Year

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  1. Loverly <3 I hope I get to see you loads this next year!!

  2. Awwww!!!! Rachel!!!! Seeing my name right there...just made my life better. A lot. Lot. Lot!!!!!! WOW!!! I feel so loved right now. Thank you, thank you, thank you, my dear. That means sooooo much.

    Can't wait to see you on Friday!!!!! Eeek. Start of a new year. And have fun with your no soda year!!!! Abrienne is doing it too!!!

    Loverly pics too, btw.

    1. Awh! lol. <3 I'm so glad I was able to get to know you better! You're a fantastic girl. <3 love you!
      yes! I'm so excited! I'm definitely looking forward to orchestra starting again!!

  3. Definitely love the flybird! What a great list, girl!
    xo TJ

  4. Aw, Rachel!! You are such a sweet gal! :)I like the pictures/quotes! They're sooo true! A year makes a TON of difference. . . I hope 2013 is just grand for you!

    1. Thanks, Joanna! <3 <3 I hope it's just grand for you, as well. ^_^ <3

  5. BEAUTIFUL POST. aww! I'm so happy i'm one of your favorite blogs. Thank you beautiful<3 yours is one of my favorites too. :) I loved seeing your discoveries and the first photo i fell in love with! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

    1. Thanks, Soph! <3 :) :)
      I know, right? I fell right in love with it too. ^_^

  6. I just wanted to stop in and say Happy New Yeah :)

    1. haha. :D I figured. That's ok though, 'cause I just read it in with an Australian accent and it worked out fine. ;)

  7. Happy new year! Love your movie list, and awesome quotes!

  8. Happy New Year to you!!! I hope this year is very wonderful and full of lots of surprises!!


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