Friday, May 24, 2013

Do I really have to think of a title?

Sooo.....It's been a while!! 
Wanna see somethin' cool?
This past week, at my orchestra's Ending concert, I was presented with my third, and final, trophy for violin Solos in the Federated Music Club. :D Yep. I'm rather proud of it. I worked hard at getting it this year since this was my last year ever as a part of it. 

The set of two are from Six years of Piano solos, the set of three are for nine years of violin solos. My newest one doesn't have a plaque just yet.
Anyways. Yep. :D Tuesday was my last concert with the orchestra. Kinda sad feeling. 
I'm finally graduating from highscool in only eight days!! I'm so excited! I'm going to have a short, mini-recital, ceremony and a big party afterward. :D 
The one thing I'm *really* not looking forward to is that Noni can't be there. She was going to, but plans changed and she's leaving earlier than we thought. :'( *sniffle* yep. Definitely upset about that. 

I'm so excited about Sunday on, though!! :D Noni is coming to spend most of the week with me and we're gonna hang out, go shopping, sleepover, watch Narnia, talk our faces off, do my senior photos, and have a wonderful time overall. :D 

Remember that job I was talking about way back when?? Well, I got it. :D I started this week and it's going wonderfully. The major downside is getting up at 5:30am every morning. *yaaawn* but I'll get used to it. :) It's not so bad when I have coffee. 

Anyways. there's the lifey overviewish stuff. 
How're you guys??
I miss you. 

Pictures? I think yes. 

There you have it. Here I am.
Didja miss me??