Monday, May 28, 2012

Don't forget...

To every man and woman who has served this country,
Risking, and sometimes giving their lives for our freedom and saftey. 

You are the best. 

Thank You. 
-Proud to be an American. 

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Stolen Stolen Idea...

I'm suffering from an extreme overdosage of trying to finish up school today. 
So I stole this idea from Nonii. ^_^ (thanks, hun.) 

~I rarely enjoy reading.  

~ I'm addicted to my violin. <3 <3 

~ I like Michael Buble better than Frank Sinatra (much to my family's dismay. lol) 

~I love FPS and RPG video games. They're the *best* 

~I think those thick, nerdy, geeky, glasses are adorable. 

The chain on my tire swing. :) 
~I think going barefoot in public places is not only embarassing, but disgusting. 

~I am in love with Captain Jack Sparrow. (u prolly all know that already, but I thought it was worth mentioning)

~ I am a germaphobe. at least a little. 

~ Blonde is prolly my *veryvery* fave hair color on a boy. *swoon* ^_^ 

I hafta go now. I need some coffee. And some dinner. :) And I need to find something to wear. Goshdarnit. I don't have anything that I wanna wear tonight. *sigh* oh well. <3 
sorry for this lame post. 

Monday, May 21, 2012

It's been crazy...

So much has happened this month. 
biggest thing, for sure, was Noni's visit down here to good ol' Springfield. 
She's pretty much a fantastic girl. It's always a good time when she's here. :) 
I can't wait until she can come again. ^_^ 

Second, Friday was the final orchestra practice for the Summer. 
I'm already looking forward to this Fall when we start back up again. 
:D Friday afternoon was a blast though.
After orchestra Noni, some of her cousins, a few friends, some orchestra people, and us, all went bowling. 
Fun. Fun. Fun. 
It was fantastic. We all laughed out faces off and just had a fantastic time hanging out together. 
After bowling, we all went to Starbucks and laughed and hung out some more. 
good times. ^_^ 
I am zilla's bummed about not having any pictures from that though....:P 

Tomorrow and Thursday night are the performance nights for all the classes. 
It is The huge end-of-the-year concert. We used to be able to do it all in one night. :D 
I perform tomorrow. I'm psyched. I love my songs, love my orchestra, and love playing at concerts. 
It is kinda sad though, becuase several of my good friends from orchestra won't be attending next year.
I'll miss 'em for sure. We'll have to stay in touch and hang out sometimes. :) 

<3 I am exhausted. <3 
Goodnight fellow bloggiterz. 

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Just wanted to let ya'll know...

I'm really sorry if I've been neglecting you all with my lack of comments!! 
Blogger *will not* allow me to post any for some reason. 
It always gives me this really flipping annoying error. 
So, I'm appologizing. :P 
If any of you have experienced this before and know how to fix it, I'd love some advice. 
In the mean time, Know that I do read your posts. :) I'm thinkin' of you. 
'til next time, 

Must. Go. somday.....*sigh* <3 


Thursday, May 10, 2012

Kittens an' Puppies!

Friends. <3 

The kittens were super curious about the puppies. :D The puppies kinda didn't care. lol. 

hehe. Spoiled pup. 

Aren't they cute?? 


Monday, May 7, 2012

Missin' My Allie Girl...

Our beautiful Allegro died last week...
She was the most amazing, wonderful, loyal, and dedicated dog I've ever known of in my life. 
We had her for eleven years, from the time she was an adorable pure white little puppy. 
Our family is so sad. We'll miss her always. There'll never be another dog like her...


Allie and one of her beyond gorgeous puppies.

Allie and I.
<3 <3 xoxo <3 <3 
Love you, Allie.

~Rachel Joy

Thursday, May 3, 2012

the Muddled thoughts of a kid with a cold that won't go away...

Summer is almost here. Just a few more weeks of school left to go.
I hate swimsuit shopping. 
I'm really sick of this dang cold!! I'm done coughing and blowing my nose. 
We all went to Sonic after church last night. ^_^ My friends are kool. 
We laughed a lot. I love laughing. 
I wish I lived on a beach....that'd be nice. :) with a coral reef. 
I wanna go surfing. 
I getta go hang out in Branson next week! 
This is the lamest post on earth. 
HAHA!! Remember that psych episode, where Shawn and Gus are hostages in the bank? yeah. That's pretty much as funny as it gets. xD xD 
I was at the mall yesterday only about 2 hours before a bomb threat was issued and the place was evacuated. O.O It wasn't a bomb. In case ur wondering. lol. 
We've been keeping BabyDella here the past few days while her Mummy and Daddy are out on a float/camping trip. She's a doll. 
I reallyreally wanna hug a tiger. 

stolen from Caitria's blog! ^_^