Thursday, December 6, 2012

I Love December!!

We've finally gotten our Christmas decorations up! Or, Most of them anyways. We don't have our tree yet because we always get a live one and since we have wood heat it'll dry out really fast. So we're getting it on Thursday. :D I can't wait. We haven't had a tree for three years or so...
Anyways, here's just a couple pictures I just took of them. :) Cannot wait to put the tree up. 

My baby ornament. I've had it for as long as I can remember. <3 

our garland! Hang it between the living room and dining room. It's so pretty. 

Pretty gold ornament. :D I like this picture.
:D Now I feel terribly ready for Christmas! 
I can't wait for the tree. <3 <3 
Plus, there's piles of Christmas parties and events comin' up!! 
I'm gonna start making presents tonight, hopefully. behind? yes. I know. lol. I have a lot to do. :D 
Plus, Tomorrow is the last orchestra practice for the year....That sounds awful. It's not as awful as it sounds....'cause we'll be back in January. but still. Then on Saturday it's the Orchestra Christmas performance! I'm so excited! 
Plus, Our Christmas party is next Friday and I hope a billion people come. It's gonna be epic. we're gonna play games and laugh our faces off and eat foods and maybe have a bonfire and we're gonna have our tree!! 
There's so much that I'm excited about this month. :D I was sitting in my bed earlier today doodling in my notebook and listening to/Singing along with Michael Buble's Christmas album and getting all excited about this month. :) 

Silver Dollar City all dressed up for Christmas. :) I miss that place this year...
<3 Happy December, you guys. <3 



  1. OMIGOSH! I miss SDC SO much! Its epic at christmas time!!
    I'm so sad that I'm going to miss out on your party, that just stinks :( I hope you have a blast all the same <3
    i quite like your reflective Christmas ornament. lol ;)

  2. CHRISTMASSSS! We decorated our tree today, and we're sort of planning on decorating the house this weekend. :) I prefer Josh Groban's Christmas CD to Michael's, but I think that's just because I prefer the old-fashioned Christmas Songs over the new ones. :)

  3. I looove this post! I think its adorable that you have an ornament from when you were a baby<3 My mom started giving us a new ornament to open each year when we have a tree trim party but i dont think that started till i was like 6 or 7 maybe. Still though, its crazy to see all the ornaments through the years. Also, we have our last dance rehearsel for the year this saturday and then a christmas performance next friday and saturday! SO i feel that bittersweetness! i cant wait for the performance though, im pysched. :) I love december too. I realllly do.

  4. Looks like SUCH fun!!! I haven't started to decorate yet, but hopefully soon. This week I plan to go and look at all the lights.


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