Sunday, December 30, 2012

Things that say a lot about people

Saw Noni do this post earlier and  *loved* the idea, so here's my version! <3

My epic Pirate medallion from me bestie for Christmas! Isn't it great??

The way which they treat the waiter/waitress:
How they feel about the weather:
Whether they dog ear pages or highlight in books:
And hands in general:
Their preferred creative outlet:
How much they dread/enjoy talking on the phone:
Whether or not they drink coffee:
If they ever forget to eat:
How honest they are with themselves (and others):
If they correct your grammar:
And whether or not they get nervous before a haircut:

-Personally, I always try to be very pleasant and polite to waiters and waitresses! I know they have a hard job and I've seen/heard about them being mistreated so much. plus, I love brightening other people's day, Even if it's just with a kind word or smile. :) 

-what kind of weather? Any? I love rainy days. so much. I adore snow. I love 80 degrees and sunshine best. really, there's only one kind of weather I hate...and that's when it's below freezing for days in a row and the sky is gray and dreary for weeks on end and the ground is hard and bare and the trees are skeletons...yeah. That's kind of depressing. It makes me terribly, awfully, antsy and moody...

-I don't dog ear pages...or highlight in books. mostly because I hardly own any books myself and it feels awful to do that to someone else's property. lol. plus, I just never felt the need to...

-my Well, I keep 'em short mainly 'cause I play the violin and it's impossible to play with long fingernails and 'cause they love to break and that bothers me a lot. so I keep them short and, most of the time, painted. I love painted fingernails. honestly, they're painted more than they're not...^_^ 

-I love hands. I notice everybody's hands. Yes. I love them. I don't know when I started noticing, but I do. It's one of the first things I notice about someone....Min aren't special...not ugly, thank goodness, but I don't have pretty slender fingers or thin pretty hands. I guess....They're ok. lol. I dunno. 

-Creative outlet...I've recently decided that I really enjoy sewing. I'm pretty good at it too! I'm hoping to improve and get a lot better at it over the Summer. and I doodle....I don't call it art. but when I feel artsy, I pick up a pen or a pile of sharpies or a pencil and try to create whatever I know is in my head that I should be able to draw until I get so mad cuz it won't come out of my hands right that I just end up with a pile of, I'm not so artsy. *sigh* 

-I detest talking on the phone. I love text. I love chat. I love email. I hate talking on the phone an awful lot. I dread it like the plague. 

-Me and coffee are inseparable. Can't go a day without it. 

-HA! Me? forget to eat? nope. sorry. not this gal. :P 

-I think I'm honest with myself....I think...I hope! lol! 

-Guilty. ok. seriously. I live in good ol' MO. ya know, rednecks. I cannot stand someone saying "I seen" or "There weren't no..." or "I ain't got no.." ok?? haha. I'm constantly correcting grammar. though I will say, I only correct it to people I know very well and that don't mind so much. and only those glaring awful things. not small grammatical errors. I make enough of those myself to let them go when other people miss 'em. lol. 

-I love haircuts so much!! :D I've only ever been nervous for one haircut ever and that was when I was, like, 14 and was cutting my hair that was down to my waist off to my shoulders. I've never been nervous since. I love them. They make me very happy. 

I had lotsa fun putting this together!! You can do the same thing in the comments, if you like, or in a post of your own using the same questions! :D <3 


{P.S. It's almost 2013!! Tomorrow is New Year's Eve. can you believe that??}


  1. I knew I'd like your answers! :D
    and, I don't even want to think about 2013 almost being here. -_- lol <3

  2. Ooooooh I quite liked this. I think I might do it next time I post. We'll see. I dunno.

    And OH! That pirate medallion IS epic! How 'citing! Do you wear it??

    1. :D You should. definitely.

      YES!! xD I wear it kinda all the time. lol. I have it on a long copper chain. It's very awesome. ^_^

  3. These were fun to read!! (Long finger nails are a pain - I break mine a lot too and it hurts!)

    Do you keep your hair short or long?

    I hope you have a fun New Years Eve and New Years Day!!

  4. Ilovethese<3 such a cute idea. also that necklace! im sooo jealous. oh and coffee! DEFINITELY A COFFEE DRINKER. haha

  5. I'm quite familiar with Missouri grammar. Lol! "I seen" especially annoys me :P


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