Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Yesterday we had Gingerbread house making day. 
My sister in law makes piles and piles of gingerbread and we bake it and make houses and the little kids decorate them with piles of icing and candy and sprinkles and pretzels and such. :) 
Anyways, Last night, I used the leftover gingerbread dough and made some new icing and made myself a gingerbread house. :D 

I was gonna make a gingerbread Doctor to go with it, but ran out of time after I burned the first one. lol. 
Oh well.

Christmas is almost here, people. 
Then, after Christmas, New Years. 

Can you believe that? 
In 2013 I'll turn 18. I'll graduate from highschool. I'll have a job (hopefully. lol). I'll be saving for my own car.  
It's crazy to be growing up. 

Anyways, Back to Christmas. FIVE DAYS! (not counting today...) Are you as excited as me??



  1. Nice. Very nice. :D


  2. AWESOME! I love it, you did great <3
    gah. i get so excited every time i walk by the tree and think about the Links coming over. I feel like such a little kid, all giddy. ^_^
    i Love you!

  3. GAAAAAAAAAAAAH I WAS GOING TO DO THAT!!! 'Cept, I was going to use graham crackers, because I don't like gingerbread.... like this I might still do it though.... :)

    Heeeey, I'm the same age as you are! And my plans are about the same as yours.... what kind of car do you like? (I know Range Rovers are terrible with gas, but they're brilliant in the snow and according to our mechanic {whose opinion I trust} never, ever break down. I think I'd rather have a car that guzzles gas and is reliable than one that is excellent with gas and is in the shop most of the time.)

    Merry Christmas!

    1. haha! :D yeah! I've made gingerbread houses with graham crackers before. It's a heckova lot easier than :)
      Then you, m'dear, are an epic age. ;) I really bad want an old vintage 70's VW beetle. They're adorable and I'm pretty sure they get good gas mileage. I don't know 'bout upkeep though. I don't want something that's gonna break down on me and be expensive or hard to fix. I don't know what I'll get though. I'll prolly just keep my eye out for some ol' used junker that I can get cheap and will be dependable. :)

      Merry Christmas to you, too!

  4. The TARDIS!!! COOL!!!

    I am excited for 2013, and nervous.


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