Tuesday, July 16, 2013

One for the Whovians!

Yep. Just because I freaking love Doctor Who. 
And I have Doctor Who stuff to show off. 

Please excuse the cheesy awful selfie in the messy room. I took it in a hurry the other day and was too lazy to get a decent one. ;) :D

My newest piece of Doctor Who fandom!! Bought it at Hot Topic last weekend!! *eek*! SO proud of it. yes. 

Here is the fingernail polish job I did this morning!! I'm obsessed with anything British and my friend found a great tutorial on how to do these fingernails and I *had* to try it. :D Whatcha think? And, of course, how else to model these fingernails than with a Sonic Screwdriver and amazing DW t-shirt?? :) 

how I feel every time I use my srewdriver. ;)

Let's all just take a while to recollect ourselves after seeing that hair.............




Ten is still wearing Nine's coat. ^_^

You read it in his voice, didn't you. ;) 

Annnnnd one for the Eleve people. lol. Sorry. As you can tell I'm slightly partial to Ten.... <3 
I do love this moment between Eleven and River. :D So cute and so true to themselves. 
<3 <3 ^_^ <3 <3 

Yes. There was some random Doctor Who spamming. 
You're welcome. 
I haven't gone and spammed Doctor Who in way too long. 

Have a fabulous week!!


P.S. Thanks for all your dolly comments in the last post. ^_^ I haven't decided yet if I'll stay or no... It's all undecided right now. :) 

P.P.S. This: 

Also, his cover of Adele's "Turning Tables" with "Someone Like You" is one of my favorites. :) 

Friday, July 12, 2013

Hai. :)

Life is good. 

Yep. I just decided that. 
Actually, I've decided it before, but I just re-decided that today. 

*le sigh* 
Sometimes, things don't go quite like we expected them to or how we thought they would. 
And sometimes you think that means everything sucks. 
but it doesn't. 
God knows *exactly* what he's doing. 
Even though it's hard for us to see most of the time....
ok, every time... 
lol. :D 

Anyways. I wanted you to know that. 
And also, I'm almost to my 200th post.... 
And also, I might be leaving Blogger. 
Also, we have new kittens.