Thursday, January 31, 2013


Well, I feel like I haven't been on in eons. Which, I'm aware, isn't fact, It's only been about a week, I think. I miss you guys though. :D And I miss blogging. a lot. So, Our internet isn't back to what it's supposed to be yet but I don't care. lol. 

We have snow today!! Yeah....Three days ago we had days in the low 70's and then we had thunderstorms and tornado warnings the next day, and today snow. Hello, Missouri. Yup. That's how we do it. I don't mind. I love our crazy weather for the most part. It was *so* lovely to fall asleep to gentle thunder and rain the other night...that doesn't happen often in January around here. 
I would probably post some pictures of the snow if I wasn't too lazy. Oh well. 

anyways, today the plan was to go hang out at the mall and in town doing some shopping with my sister in law and some friends.....but that didn't work out. That's ok though because I had to get my phone repaired and that cost me pretty much all the money I had left and I didn't have any to spend anyways. So we hung out at my sister in law's place helping her with the kids while her hubby (my bro) is in Haiti and we had pizza and watched Leap Year and I made these amazing Cream cheese brownies...It was good times. :) 

I want another pet...I have a lovebird and a cat....and a dog....well, actually, she's not technically my dog. she's the "family's" dog. but I'm the only one that loves her. and the one that begged to keep her when she was a puppy. So I like to pretend she's mine. I want a chameleon...

Life is getting crazy these days. I love it. There's almost always something going on. 'course, that makes staying caught up with school somewhat difficult, but I manage for the most part. In a few more months I'll be finished with highschool forever! :D I can't wait. My brother (one of the ones not in Haiti. haha) printed off a gorgeous piece of music for me (parts for a classic string quartet: Two violins, A viola, and a cello.) that I'm thinking about putting together for my graduation. It's one of the songs from "Master and Commander". I love that movie. the soundtrack is just spectacular. 


Thursday, January 24, 2013


Hey, guys. I figured I'd let you know that I won't be blogging much in the next few days...
Our internet is really annoying and stupid and it's been acting up recently so we're on pretty much minimal internet usage these days. That'd be the main reason I haven't been commenting on any of your blogs as much as I usually do/would like to. Sorry! I'm looking forward to when it decides to behave again. :P 

found this picture from last Spring... that's my cat on the right. cutest kitten on the planet. <3


Monday, January 21, 2013


I was gonna write a real post today. I thought...I couldn't think of here's some thoughts.<3 Hope your monday was jolly. 


Saturday, January 19, 2013

babbling, foozle, and stupids.

It's Saturday....yup. It is. 
It's been a crazy long Saturday...

Plus, I think I may be coming down with the flu. A lot of our friends and a few of my married siblings have had it this week and I have a feeling I've caught it. I really hope not. I'm un-fond of the flu. 
'sides. there's a party at the church tomorrow evening that I'm not keen on missing. :P

Have you ever watched McHale's Navy? With Tim Conway? It makes me laugh sometimes. 

I'd love to see the ocean someday. It's true. And to fly in an airplane. I've never done either. Bucket list. That's where they are. *sigh* Someday...

I've been thinkin' about joining a college orchestra after I graduate in the Spring...I really want to stay in an orchestra after I leave the highschool one I'm in. I love being part of an orchestra. I'll keep taking private lessons, of course...I love my violin so much. 

I'm terrified of taking the ACT...

You know what I hate? That fake wood paneling stuff that was everywhere in the 70's-80's. Ya know, on the sides of station wagons and in people's livingrooms and in offices?? I hate it. Don't ask why. I'm not sure. It's just so....ugly. If I see it in a building these days, I hate that building instantly. 
(I sincerely hope none of you have wood paneling in your house that you adore. I wouldn't love to offend any of you....^_^) 

I feel repetitive...pretty often. I don't think I like being repetitive. I'mma change that. 


I have a lot of performances coming up...I have a recital and the Federated Music Competition to play in...I have all the Performances with the orchestra, several in the next while, Including one in a few weeks with the Evangel orchestra...Plus, I'm gonna have to put together a small Graduation recital. Mum's gonna make me. lol. I don't want to at all. oh well. 

ok. enough. I've likely bored the life out of you by now. 
I'm sorry. I'm so, so sorry. ;) 


Thursday, January 17, 2013

Currently in love with....

~|Chameleons. I want one so bad. Thanks to Kylie's wonderful blog.|~

~|This episode of Doctor Who. Ten and Rose are beyond cute in this one|~


~|This lovely bit by Sophie|~

~|Old abandoned places|~

Those are a few of the things I love right this second. :D 
Tomorrow is Friday. 
Happy almost weekend. 


I wear glasses now. Glasses are cool.

The other day I was asked by the folks over at Firmoo  to do a reveiw on their glasses! So I thought, "I don't wear glasses...What the heck, I'll check it out!". And, guys, I love their selection of eyewear.

About   is the world's most popular online eyeglasses store. offers customers much lower prices than any you would be able to find in an optical store without compromising the quality of the eyewear. They have great customer service, fantastic selection, and the site is so easy to navigate! It's super simple to find any shape/style/color you want. Plus, you can even upload a picture of yourself and virtually "try on" each pair of glasses to ensure the best look!

I've been dying for a pair of nerdy glasses recently 'cause 1) They're adorable. 2) I look pretty cute in them. 3) I just like to feel nerdy! lol. So I looked around until I found the perfect pair. I chose These non-prescription frames. I'm thrilled with them!! Usually glasses look pretty silly on my because my eyes are so close together (I get that from my mother...^_^), but these fit way better than most! I'm rather surprised at how well they fit, actually. lol. :D
What do you think of them?

And one last thing:
Right now is offering a free pair of eyewear to first time customers through their First Pair Free Program! Seriously, guys. If you need new glasses or were considering buying some just as an extra accessory (like me!) then you should totally go check out! All you have to do is pay the shipping. Deal? I think, yes. :)

got caught mid-smile here and don't like how I look in this picture, but doesn't my kitty look too darn cute??? <3

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Random things concerning myself

1) Potato chips and ketchup are one of my favorite snacks
2) I love the smell of woodsmoke
3) I quote movies constantly...It's like a second language...
4) I love tv shows. 

5) I'm a nerd. Quite a bit of one...And maybe partly geek. ;) <3
6) I'm addicted to Ranch dressing
7) I hate political debates
8) When I'm in a quiet/awkward situation I can hardly keep myself from busting out laughing. every time...O.o

9) I am not good with It's true. I have a really hard time talking to people most of the time. I like hanging out with people that can keep the conversation moving for me.
10) I'm almost 18...That's still crazy to me. 
11) I hate tea. Almost every time. gimme coffee. 

12)I draw tornadoes.
13) sometimes, I draw houses...and cows in them...terrible? maybe. ok. moving on. 

14)  ^^ yup.

Goodnight, Fellows. <3 

{p.s. post inspired by Noni. <3}

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Post #167

In which I try to describe my feels concerning The Reichenbach Fall after watching it last night. 


I cried my eyes out. literally. I haven't cried so much since Ten lost Rose. Or since Daniel Jackson died of radiation poisoning. or since Ten regenerated into eleven. *sniffle* I still kinda tear up over it if I think about it too hard. 

Go watch that show. 


Saturday, January 12, 2013


Heya people! 
First off, I wanna say thanks so much for the sympathy and encouragement in the comments yesterday. I was really feelin' down...:) My day improved very much from then on. My Niece's birthday party was super fun and of course, she was beyond adorable. After that we went bowling with some friends. all around, It was a very pleasant evening. :D <3 

I feel so lazy right now. I just wanna be a couch potato forever. ditch workouts, school, money, and life. I feel real good just sittin' here watching football on the telly with my brothers and pinning my heart out on Pinterest and sending messages to Noni who doesn't seem to be on right now. pity. I'd love to chat. 

anyways. It's lovely. 

I think yes.

:D Happy weekend, folks. 

Friday, January 11, 2013

kinda feelin' blue...

 I just erased an enormous bit of ranting and upset-ness that I felt like spewing onto here and decided not to post. it's too depressing. you're welcome. lol.
Let's just say my morning didn't go so well...My favorite pair of boots ruined being the biggest downer...But enough! lol. like I said, Erased. Sorry. 

It's been forever since my last post! I feel like a bloggerloser. and my shift button isn't working properly. 
On another note, I'm almost finished with the Chronicles of Narnia series! (I would probably be finished with it but Ii left my book at home today...) yup. I just started reading them for the first time like, a week ago. :D They're some of the most beautiful, inspiring books I've ever read! I'm so in love with them. If I hadda choose a favorite out of them all I think I'd say The voyage of the Dawn Treader was my favorite.Iit had so much crazy adventure in it! I loved it. also, Caspian is my favorite. 

anyways. The internet is lagging, and the "shift" button is freaking me out. So I'm outta here. Take care you guys, and I hope your Friday has been much better than mine.


Thursday, January 3, 2013


Yesterday was the first day of my last semester ever of Highschool...
Kinda blew my mind away.


Moving on.
First post of the year! I feel like I ought to write something meaningful and deep....or perhaps do some kind of recap of last year...or something. But i don't really feel like it. :D
I just feel thrilled to be finished with the day's school and looking forward to orchestra and work tomorrow! It's good to have regular ol' life back. Not matter how much I feel like I'm gonna hate getting back to routine after the holidays I always feel better once I actually do. ^_^

So, Since I'm not doing anything special to celebrate my first post of the New Year, howsabouta laugh or five? Sounds good to me.

<3 ^_^ <3