Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Happy 12-12-12! :) 

Did you know, this is the last sequential date of the century?? yup. Crazy huh? 

Anyways. That's all I wanted to say.
Happy Twelfth. 
from me. 
and a baby panda. 

and here's this picture. Just for no other reason that it cracks me up. 
Every time. 



  1. haha, Oh Ben an Matt an David and Leo! i like them all..sides Matt, doh. ;)
    <3 happy 12-12-12 back to you <3

  2. AH THAT PANDA! I WANT! haha. :) Happy non 12 12 12! (Just cause now its 12/13/12) So, yeah. But i hope you had a good 12 12 12!

  3. Now it is not 12 12 12 but I wished a happy one yesterday so can say Happy 12 12 12 back today.

    Now I want a baby panda...


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