Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Because happies!


Sorry for the last post. *ahem* depression moment. I don't usually let those leak onto my blog, but oh well. :) 

I'm past it. :)) and I love you guys! ^_^ 

And guess what?! New Year's Eve, right?!? Omg! Who has plans for tonight? *rasies hand* yep. I love this holiday. :)) 

2014. Starting over. New year. I'm starting it out with a few things less than I had last year, but with sooo much more in general. And hey, the things I've lost are gone for a reason, right?! No use fussing about them. :)) ^_^ 

I'm starting out this year happy and optimistic. Not because I've chosen to, but because that's how I genuinely feel! I thought it was gonna be a sucky start, but oh well. God is good. ;) :)) 

Looking forward to 2014. :D 


Saturday, December 28, 2013

That moment when...

...that one song comes on and pretty much hurts so bad you just wanna cry for days.

So much for that. 

sometimes things just suck. 

Sunday, November 24, 2013


Just thought I'd say hey. :) 



Oh, an the doctor who 50th had me in fangirl spasms. Yep. Epic. 

A lot to look forward to this week!! Hope you enjoy it!

Early happy thanksgiving. :D 


Monday, November 11, 2013

200th Post!!!

Here we are!! My 200th post!! 
How crazy is this, you guys?! 
two hundred. 
the big two-zero-zero. 
yup. I honestly didn't think I'd make it this far. lol

I feel very accomplished. ;) 
I've almost given up on this poor bloggy several times but I'm glad I never actually did. 
I've made some bloggy friends and found a lot of amazing, fantastic blogs. ^_^ 

I love you all, and thanks for sticking with me through 200 posts of random babblings. 

I know I'm a day late already, sooo without further ado:
The winner of Prize #1:

And the winner of Prize #2:


yaaaaay!! Congratulations, winners! :)
Treskie, you can email me an address to ship it to. :D
and Mum, Come get it off my dresser. ;) 

Love you all!! Thanks for entering and for following my silly little blog. I hope to see you around a lot in future posts.
^_^ <3 


Sunday, October 27, 2013

and here....we.....go.

Here it is!! My first ever giveaway!
In honor of my 200th post. 
In which I shall announce the winner. 
This isn't the 200th yet. 
haha. :D 

I'm going to have two sets of prizes so that I can have TWO winners for this giveaway.

Prize #1
"Keep Calm and Carry On" mug & Doctor Who themed socks.
(Dalek & "Bow ties are cool")

Prize #2
Wooden British flag themed box & metal TARDIS keyring

That's right. It's completely British/Doctor Who themed.

I know. It's the best giveaway ever.

anyhow! Rules!!

*No other entries will qualify unless this first one is carried out* 
follow my blog, and leave a comment on this post! 
*anything after that will earn you extra entries for each step!*
Share a link to this post on your blog, or if you follow but don't actually have a blog then sharing it on your G+ or Facebook will work. :) (leave the link to your post in a comment.)
3) PIN
Follow me on Pinterest and repin the fabulous pin below (Make sure to link it back to my blog!)!! (leave the link to the board you pinned it to in a comment)  

Follow my Instagram (@Music_Nerd_95) and leave a comment on one of my photos mentioning my giveaway! 
Tweet the link to this post and tag me in it! (@Defying_Stars)

there you go! You can earn up to FIVE entries! 
I plan to announce the winner in TWO weeks.
I'll be picking both names separately and completely at random and I'll let you know which prize you won!
:) I prolly won't be posting between now and then but I'll try to be responding to comments. :)

 Until later, then!
May the odds be ever in your favour.
<3 xx <3


Wednesday, October 23, 2013

help and stuff.


So I've got stuff to giveaway and I've got a few posts left before my 200th annnnnnd I need some help! Those people that have done giveaways before? Did you use something like Punchtab or Rafflecopter? Did you like them? Did you just do your own thing? I'd kinda like to do my own thing but I'll need a random name picker thingy online. Any you've used? 

On to stuff. 

Owl City replied to a comment I made on a hideous Instagram picture he took...

Just a side note, I read all the comments on that top photo and mine was the ONLY comment that said anything like that. Someone commented later and was like "OMG! @music_nerd_95!! Look at his newest post!!" annnd I died. ehehe.

Yeah. That happened. xD

Also, This happened....:

(please excuse my excessive use of upper case letters for a moment.)
I literally started having seizures in the middle of Orange Leaf. People thought I was crazy. WHO THE HECK CARES!!! My two *BIGGEST* British crushes ever on the planet who I love to death and fangirl over both of daily. AT ONCE!! *laksjhdakjhsgdkhjsgd* Dan is apparently pretty excited, too. ;) hehehehehe. oh, gosh I love this picture so much. *EEEK!!* 


Yep. fangirl moment.....

I hadda go to the eye doctor yesterday. yep. Because I do so much reading on the computer what with work and all. I've been getting headaches from it. 

I have an astigmatism. 
So now here's an awful picture I just took on my webcam of what I now look like for the many hours a day that I'm on my computer. 

just like that. blank expression, favorite huge hoodie that feels like you're being hugged by baby bunnies, usually biting my fingernails (yep. horrible), hair slung over one shoulder, coffee nearby... yeah. That's what I look like in real life. haha. 

Anyhow. That's news. 
Plus, I decided to see how I looked in Swag. 

Peace out, homies. ;)


Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Hiyo! :D 
Just stopping in. It's Tuesday. 
I wish it was Wednesday. I like Wednesday. I don't know why. 

It rained and stormed all night last night. It was rather lovely to wake up to several times. for real. :) 

So, yes. I'm going to do a giveaway. NOt sure how or what or when, yet. but I got some stuffs for it. :D lol. I hope you like the stuffs. I do. :D I like some of it so much I had to get me the same thing. yep. it's that cool. 

Here's some random pictures off my phone so the quality is horrible, but oh well. 

Le Me! :)

my beautiful skullcandy headphones

that moment when you're snapchatting your friends and a wild brother appears. O.o
Anyhow. That's about it, I think....
If you haven't watched this video then your life sucks much more than it should. 
not a question. *narrows eyes and points at you*

"wow........Wow! WOW!" 

you're welcome. 
and have a good Tuesaday. 


Sunday, October 6, 2013

There's an app for that.

I got the blogger app on my iPhone. :D what's this look like?? 

Not Tom. I meant the post. I already know Tom looks fantastic. ;)


Saturday, October 5, 2013


You know what always messes things up? 
When we do things on our own. 

Yeah. that's right. 
You know when you try to do the right thing all the time but you're trying in your own strength instead of the Lord's and it turns out you can't because you're not nearly strong enough? 
This happens to me regularly. 

I'm like "Okay, Lord. I see what I'm doing wrong and what I need to change." and I change it. But I change it by myself. and that *never* lasts long. 
I get so tired and so worn out and so frustrated and I'm like "God, why is this so hard!?" 

and do you know what he always, ALWAYS says? 

"Love, just ask me to help. I can give you the grace you need. I can help you."

No matter HOW many times I mess up (and lemme tell you it's constantly.) That's always what he says!! Even if it's for the same stupid mistake. It blows my mind that He's willing to forgive me in the first place, but then the fact that he's so loving and so kind as to pour out His grace to help me do the right thing is so much that I can't even fathom His love for me.

You know, our God is TRULY an awesome God. It blows my mind how gentle and amazing and lovely He is.
I love you, Lord.

{P.S. I did not plan to write this post. O.o I was feeling more than horribly depressed sitting here trying to work and had SO much on my mind and I kinda figured I'd come write out a depressing post and never post it. Then this song came on my Spotify shuffle....And as I started writing God overwhelmed me with how great He is. How wonderful He is and how I just have to ask for His peace. I've really got my doubts about posting this.... I don't know why. I guess I just never publish the posts where I write out what's on my heart. Maybe I'm insecure? Anyways. I've decided I would. So here you have it. A few of my Late-night-would-rather-be-doing-anything-besides-work thoughts. I hope it's been a blessing to you in some way.}

{P.P.S. If there are weird clear little boxes under my posts, I have no clue what they are or what they're doing there and I apologize and I apparently can't make them go away. lol. :P}

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

pointless post!

Hey! It's wednesday! 
I like Wednesday. 
I don't know why.... I just do. 

Can you believe it's OCTOBER!? 
The craziest of soup. 
Like The Chronicles of Narnia:The Silver Chair movie I see they're making??

 Did I tell you why I decided to keep my blog? 
Because I love it. 
But I've resolved not to "try" with this blog. 
:) I used to want to be like the other bloggers I admire so much who always have the prettiest pictures, and the most meaningful, deep posts, or something creative going on, or something...that're just beautiful, you know?
I'm not that kind of blogger, though. lol. So if that's what you like you'll hate my blog. 
I'm random and weird and uncreative and crazy and that's how I'mma blog since it's what I do best. ^_^ 
Oh, you guys!! It's National Pointless Post day! Yeah. Noni (On A String. Best blog ever in case you haven't checked it out.) just said so. So there. Go see her pointless post. It's better than mine.
post a pointless post. 
do it. 

{P.S. wanna join an epic giveaway!? Cait over at My Unicorn Has Wings put together something seriously awesome. Go look!! <3}

Saturday, September 28, 2013


via Instagram (Music_Nerd_95)
So far it's a beautiful Saturday, dears. Coffee, oversized hoodies, music, and lovely bloggies. 
I'm in love with right now. ^_^ 

I was gonna go to the mall today with Jonni and my sis-in-law, Toni, but that didn't work out...
That's okay. :) I'm loving being home right now. Plus, I don't think I could do the mall today anyways...my hip randomly went out yesterday afternoon and hurts like heck. :P 

Anyways, I'm almost to 200 posts!! I kinda wanna do something special...
Any ideas?
I think a giveaway is in order...

I love it when the sunlight fades in and out from behind enormous, delicious looking clouds...

Anyhow. Weird little post here, yeah. I gotta get started on work. 

Happy Weekend, lovelies! 
<3 <3 


Friday, September 20, 2013

Oh, Hello!

Hiya! So... yeah. I guess I don't wanna stop blogging. lol. I have a lot to catch up on, and I'm going to be slow starting back up, but I think I'd rather get back to it than just going away entirely. Plus, I miss Treskie, Soph, Jack, and Lacey. 

Here's my first post as of coming back. :) 
Shall we catch up a little? 

Obsessed with - The Imagine Dragons song at the end of this post.
                - Hamburgers

Excited for - New baby nephew and nephew or niece on the way.
             - Being back to taking private violin lessons again
                                              - Autumn! Sweaters, Salted Caramel Mochas, boots, leggings, scarves, and coats. <3 *yes*
                                             - Thor 2, Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Doctor Who 50th anniversary special.

New with me - Having my license and driving myself everywhere.
                                             - Not currently having a crush... Yep. That's new for me. It's rather bizarre and strange feeling. O.o  :)
                                                - Thinking about college. Yeah. :P Blech. Don't want to go at all, but I'm dying to be in an orchestra again and college seems tobe the only way to do that. Plus, it can't be that bad, right? *unsure smile*

So yeh. Some lifey-ish stuff there. How are you all?? Gosh I've missed you. :) 
Excited to be back! 

Loooooooove you! 


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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

One for the Whovians!

Yep. Just because I freaking love Doctor Who. 
And I have Doctor Who stuff to show off. 

Please excuse the cheesy awful selfie in the messy room. I took it in a hurry the other day and was too lazy to get a decent one. ;) :D

My newest piece of Doctor Who fandom!! Bought it at Hot Topic last weekend!! *eek*! SO proud of it. yes. 

Here is the fingernail polish job I did this morning!! I'm obsessed with anything British and my friend found a great tutorial on how to do these fingernails and I *had* to try it. :D Whatcha think? And, of course, how else to model these fingernails than with a Sonic Screwdriver and amazing DW t-shirt?? :) 

how I feel every time I use my srewdriver. ;)

Let's all just take a while to recollect ourselves after seeing that hair.............




Ten is still wearing Nine's coat. ^_^

You read it in his voice, didn't you. ;) 

Annnnnd one for the Eleve people. lol. Sorry. As you can tell I'm slightly partial to Ten.... <3 
I do love this moment between Eleven and River. :D So cute and so true to themselves. 
<3 <3 ^_^ <3 <3 

Yes. There was some random Doctor Who spamming. 
You're welcome. 
I haven't gone and spammed Doctor Who in way too long. 

Have a fabulous week!!


P.S. Thanks for all your dolly comments in the last post. ^_^ I haven't decided yet if I'll stay or no... It's all undecided right now. :) 

P.P.S. This: 

Also, his cover of Adele's "Turning Tables" with "Someone Like You" is one of my favorites. :) 

Friday, July 12, 2013

Hai. :)

Life is good. 

Yep. I just decided that. 
Actually, I've decided it before, but I just re-decided that today. 

*le sigh* 
Sometimes, things don't go quite like we expected them to or how we thought they would. 
And sometimes you think that means everything sucks. 
but it doesn't. 
God knows *exactly* what he's doing. 
Even though it's hard for us to see most of the time....
ok, every time... 
lol. :D 

Anyways. I wanted you to know that. 
And also, I'm almost to my 200th post.... 
And also, I might be leaving Blogger. 
Also, we have new kittens. 




Friday, June 28, 2013

Lyrics....Friday. O.o

Yep. But hey, I wanted to post. And these lyrics came to mind....
{Go hit play on the video before you read...}

Well I sat down next to a photograph
Tried my best almost made her laugh
She was my toughest crowd
There in the way was a moutain up in the clouds

Well I can't sleep and I'm not in love
I can't speak without messing up
Eyes tell of what's behind
And hers showed the way to a long and lonely climb
But through failure I'll proceed
And she'll see how far I've come

And it's you and me in the sun and sea
I'll offer my arms to yours
It seems to me, no mystery
it isn't
So I'll try hard to speak

Well I sat down next to a living hell
Tried my best until I struck out
Movement is not mine
I stood in the way pretending that I was the vine
But no failure will proceed from a mouth that drinks it's wine 

And it's not me
Not my sanctity
These aren't my words to you
It's all clear when it's not from here
So clear
So I'll try not to speak


{Seriously. Listen.}

It's been a long week. 
I'm looking forward to it being over. 
I need a new week.