Monday, March 28, 2011

Lovin' Life!!

*In a voice just like Gru's* "Hello Everybody!!!"
I have had the loveliest weekend ever!!! :D Well, Saturday was regular old Saturday I guess lol. Cleaning, cooking, and the like. I also babysat some that day because Mom and Dad went to a birthday party for one of the men at church. ^_^ So I guess it was kinda boring. :D lol.

Yesterday was my birthday party!!! It was *SO* much FUN!!! I got a HUGE surprise too!!! We have a tradition in our family that when a girl turns 16 she gets her hopechest! Mom and I had been looking at them for a while but I was sure that it would be several months before we would be able to afford one because dad is having trouble finding a steady job and we have had to be careful with our budget. A hope chest is NOT cheap! lol. Anywho, I was watching all the other March birthday kids open their gifts when mom was like "Rachel's is coming from the other room." I was like "waaa??" and Dean and Micah walked out with the most GORGEOUS Hope chest in the world!! It is the one I had decided on and I was really looking forward to getting it! I SO did not expect to get it so soon!! I was so very shocked!!!!! It is beyond beautiful!!! I am in love with it! I got a ton of lovely gifts from my darling brothers and sisters and parents to fill it with and it is sitting in my room full of beautiful things from people I love. <3 <3 <3 <3 It was such a special day! ^_^

After gifts was dessert. Mom had made a whole bunch of amazing things and we all stuffed ourselves as much as we could after the Chicken/fajita/taco salad we had just had for lunch! :D :D After the babies went to bed at 7 o' clock all us bigger kids (bigger kids being Dad, Mom, Dean, Micah, Jonnah, Me, Jo and Q, and josh and Ty) Watched The Tourist. Three words. A-MAZ-ING!!!!! It was GREAT!! Definitely one of my new faves! I loved it! ^_^

It was a lovely day....

I was hoping to watch Megamind last night but the Redbox Josh went to Didn't have it. :P Oh well. I asked mom to bring it home with her this afternoon and I REALLY hope she remembers!!! I love that one. Noni was watching it yesterday evening while I was chatting with her and we were quoting it back and forth! It was SOOOO Funny!!!!!! <3

So. I am pretty much out of things to write about because I just blogged on Friday! :D I guess I'll post some pix from yesterday for you then! Enjoy!

Jack and Samantha. Gorgeous aren't they!!?? <3 <3 <3 

My hopechest!!! my purse is on it in this pic dangit. :D lol.

There is is. Isn't it lovely!!??!? It is absolutely perfect.

This is the inside with most of my stuff in it. :D It makes me happy.

The flowers Jo picked out at the Miller's old house and brought to me. ^_^ <3

*Yawn*!! It's Monday. obviously. *sigh* I'm really tired. I think I'm gonna go lay on the couch and watch The Emperor's New Groove with Jeri and Ethan. Ya'll have a nice week! <3

Friday, March 25, 2011

Captain Blood, Orchestra, and Lovebirds...

It has been WAY too long since my last post. and I can just see myself saying that later in the year when it has been a month or so. lol. Anyways. I'm sitting here I dad's recliner chatting with Alejandra and watching "Captain Blood" With my little siblings that are not in bed yet. (Leah up to Jonnah.) I am having a very nice evening after a long day. wow. It's kinda odd to sit here watching Basil Rathbone as a French pirate!! haha!! I am way to used to him in his long coat with his pipe and Dr. Watson figuring out cases in Foggy London. :D He does make a pretty good Frenchman though!. ummm.....except Errol Flynn just killed him. O.o

Orchestra went well today. Baby Emma had a pretty good day for the most part. She was a little cranky but not so bad. :) Class was a TON longer that usual because it is the week before "federation" and we needed the extra preparation. For Brahms Class Micah and I ended up being the only 2 first violins in the entire orchestra! lol. Even though there are usually only around 20 of us in all. We were missing 4 other 1st violinists. And I'll tell ya honestly......Psalm and Fugue sounded pretty awful without Amanda there to save us. ^_^ lol.
*OUCH*!!! I have a huge blister on my hand from scrubbing fence the other day and it certainly makes typing uncomfortable. :P Oh well. I love to type. I like it much better than actually writing. My hands don't get tired so quick, I can type REALLY fast, and my penmanship is much better this way! lol.

This movie is gonna end happy I just know it. How can a show with Errol Flynn as a Pirate and Olivia DeHavilland as a rich beautiful governor's daughter not end happy?? I'm sure they'll live happily ever after. <3 <3 I love old movies. ^_^

I got a Lovebird today!!!! I have wanted abird ever since I had to get rid of my little yellow parakeet when we moved out of our last house!! So mom helped me do some shopping around and we found a pair of lovebirds less than a year old with a cage for $55!! I was SO happy! To have gotten one from a pet shop would have been around $150 each bird and $30 for a cage and there was no way on planet methusela that was gonna be able to happen! :) So I have a new pet named Jack and I love him. <3 <3 <3 Jonnah got the other one and named it Sam. ^_^ ^_^ :D :D :D <3

I have to sign out now. The movie isn't over but I need to get this posted and the comp shut down before it is. :) Have a great weekend everyone an God bless ALL ya'll!!!! ^_^

P.S. I'll try to post pix of Jack and Sam in my next post. ^_^ <3

Saturday, March 19, 2011

"Smile and be Happy." :D

"Happy is that people, that is in such a case; yea, happy is that people whose God is the Lord."
Psalm 144:15

Monday, March 14, 2011

"Singin' in the Snow!!"

I have had an AMAZING weekend. :D

Friday was Orchestra. I usually babysit on Fridays. I get to babysit a gorgeous darling little girly named Emmaline who is only...I'm not sure how many months old...9 or 10 ish I think. :D She is SUCH a doll. But this week she was sick ( **:(**) so her mommy kept her home all day and I had a whole day of free time to spend with my buddies!! It was great just to get to hang out for a while. Then I had class from 2:15 to 4:15 and had a blast. ^_^ I LOVE the songs Kathy chose for the orchestras this year!! My very favorite is called Prelude and Dance. We are playing that one in Brahms class! I LOVE it! anywho. after orchestra was a regular Friday afternoon with getting home around 5:30 and just hanging out at home and maybe watching a movie.

Saturday was the BEST weather ever!! I spent a lot of the time outside with the kiddies. :D We played on the tire swing, jumped on the trampoline, played with the puppy, dug up worms and gave the babies rides in the wagon. :D It was so nice.

Sunday was church of course. :D After church that morning we came home and mom and Jonnah had to leave to go to a friends baby shower while I babysat! :D I only did babysit for like an hour and a half though. then I had to iron my shirts, (I almost melted one of them! :o lol) get my makeup on, snatch my jeans out of the dryer, get dressed and run because Dean had just informed me that we had to leave right away even though it was 10 minutes early. :D Anywho. Dean and I got to go to a Guy Penrod concert here in Springfield with Josh and Tyana. The Link Family was the special guest for the night and they played right before Guy. They did an AMAZING job!! It was so much fun to hear them play again! I am excited about their homecoming concert at church this year! :) After them Guy sang. he has SUCH a nice voice!! I was really impressed. It was a fun concert! :D After we left we went to Starbucks and got Frappuccinos. yuumm...Of course, I got the Java Chip. It is my favorite in the world. It is SO worth the four and a half $ that is costs! :D After Starbucks we came home and almost started a movie but mom and dad were walking in the door from their night out with Ms. Laura and Ms. Ellie so we all went to bed like 30 minutes after they got home. it was SUCH a fun day! :D

AND! Today it is only 2 more school days until Spring Break!!! YAYAY! I'll have a little bit of school to catch up on before I am completely free but I am hoping I can get it done really fast. I am also excited about Thursday because it is opening day and Silver Dollar City and we are taking Gramma, Joanna, Quinn, Gavin, and maybe Toni!!! It'll be so much fun!

Can you believe it is snowing today??? Or at least it is snowing here. lol. It is melting pretty much instantly though!! I am so tired of snow! It is crazy that it is snowing today and it is going to be 75degrees on Thursday! I guess that is just March weather. :P oh. btw. :D My title for this entry is what I was singing while walking to the shed to get pepperoni's and hamburger out of the freezer this morning. I started singing "I'm Singing in the Rain"....but it really is snow. So I just changed the words a little. :D

I had a very nice morning. I am behind on my faith Notes so I was working my way through the book of IIChronicles while I listened to gorgeous music in my room. ^_^ And I just have to say that 2nd Chronicles is one of the most interesting books in the Bible!! I loved it. I got all the way through it this morning.  So there is my weekend! I am looking forward to the next 2 weeks of break from school!!! I am gonna post a pic and sign out because as my bestie says: "Every post needs a picture!" <3


Thursday, March 10, 2011

A bunch of Pix!

NOTE: I wrote this last night. ^_^

*sigh* wow. ^_^ Here I am curled up in my bed again, my very favorite place to write anything. School assignments,letters to my bestie, journal entries and pretty much anything else. I am writing this tonight because I will only have an hour on the computer tomorrow afternoon and I have two emails to write and a bestie to fb chat with. ^_^ <3  anywho. This is gonna be a "ton-of-pictures-post"because I'm on mom's computer this time which is where all my photos are. Here are a few  for starters. We'll see how many I end up posting. They are gonna be very very random but I'll letcha know what they are as we go along. :D

For starters. A pic of me and the birthday pie that Mom and I made!! They were SO yummy!!! <3

this is my corner. That I love to write in. :D Only in this pic it is deceivingly clean. It usually has tissues and coffee cups and pencils and wadded up paper. ^_^ lol
This is me and my corner in our natural form........O.o yes. I am a messy kid. But I <3 my stuff. :D :D

This is the amazing new sound setup in my room!! You ought to hear this thing belting out Finding Neverland!!! *sigh* lovely.
THIS!! This is one of the amazing dresses I got from my Granee this past month. They are the real deal from the 40's and 50's!!! <3 <3 <3 I am in love with a dress as odd as that sounds. Isn't it cute!?!?!
This is the snow this winter. lovely. I love snow on a sunny day. ^_^ This pic was taken by my camera that finally kicked the bucket. Sad. It was WAY better than our new one. :P
This is the snowman I made right before all the snow melted. I almost didn't get to make one this winter!!
Last Summer when I was down at the creek this caught my eye in the water. I love it!! Naturally shaped like a perfect heart. <3 <3 <3

Hahaha. This dude is called a Funkey. We used to have a lot of them and I loved the way they looked so I took some pix of them! This one was my favorite. Isn't he sad looking!? :D I love him.
and this is me an' my bestie. <3 <3 I am SO excited about her being able to come down this Spring!!! I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
There are some pix! :D oh. I had an amazing birthday in case any of u were wondering. :D I am going to chat with Nonii now. I hope you all have an amazing weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My birthday...

I am officially would usually never post 2 days in a row but I just have to say that I have the koolest awesomest family ever anywhere!! And my friends are the bomb. definitely. I am SUCH a blessed girl to have such a huge awesome family and so many friends who care about me.

I'm sitting up here in my bed next to my amazing sister and my teddy bear with Mtn. Dew and Pringles listening to the most gorgeous soundtrack ever invented.....I'm pretty much having the best day ever. Mom took me to town this morning to get the supplies for the special dessert I chose for after dinner tonight. Then we went to braum's and got some lunch and now I'm home again. :D anyways. Happy Birthday everyone even though it is just mine I want you all to have as good a day as I am. <3 <3 <3

Monday, March 7, 2011

Hello ppl! :D
Guess what? I got to meet my new Niecey today!! :D :D Elaina Jael Burks. She is SO lovely!! I <3 her so much. ^_^ I was going to put up a pic of me and her this afternoon but we forgot the camera when we went so all we had was the iPod and I just spent about a half an hour trying to figure out how to transfer photos to the comp with no success. :P Oh well. I'll figure it out sometime. :D Anyways. Elaina is the teeniest tinyest bundle of soft pink baby! And has she got hair!! wow!! yeah. a lot. I was holding her this afternoon and Lishi made me take her hat off and rub her head!! <3 <3 <3 I love my nieces and nephews!! All 5 of them! I am such a blessed auntie. <3

I also found some great deals at Wally this afternoon!! I was so happy. Our walmart never has decent sales. anyway, I found an ADORABLE denim shirt that I absolutely love (and am wearing right now :D) for $1 and a t-shirt, that I have been just waiting to see on clearance, for $3!!! I was psyched!! I am so glad I saw it! I would have been insanely bummed to have missed it!

OHHH!!!!! TOMORROW IS MY BIRTHDAY!!!! How much fun is that!!!! The only issue I'm having right now is trying to figure out what special thing I want for tomorrows breakfast!! :D Isn't that wonderful!? When your worst issues in the day are trying to figure out what you want most to eat the next day? :D I love my life.

Today was piano lesson day. I am not very happy with myself. My songs are not sounding quite how they should considering I have to perform them in front of a judge on Saturday. :o needles to say, yes. I am scared. lol. I'm gonna work like a crazy lady this week!

I actually accomplished a great feat today! I got up at 6:30 and ran. yep. I did. Crazy no? :D :D It as a wimpy girl run. lol. Not very long or hard or fast. But it was the first time I ever had for real so I was kinda feeling it out. I am going to try to run a lot more this year. I even invested in some running capris! I figure if I'm gonna spend money on something it might motivate me to do it more. :) I'm just gonna have to have perseverance on this. :D I'm not fond of getting up early. in fact. I HATE it. like really. I can stay up forever late and love it but waking up later makes me unhappy. anyways. That's my newest fad. :D

Poor Gavin!!! He was just sitting over there happy as a bug and Nathanael opened a killer trash bag and waved it around. Gavin pretty much freaked. LOL!! Noise really bugs him. He's gonna have to get over some of that being a Burks grand-baby!! lol!! We aren't exactly some of the quietest people around. ;) It's like Eilis and Balloons. that is the way Gavin feels about noise. for some reason Lishi is deathly afraid of balloons! can you imagine a two year olds birthday party without pink balloons??? Yeah. lol. <3 I guess I shouldn't be making fun of the babies!! Once a half dead mouse crawled up on my foot and I freaked out to. And *someone* I know (;D) Is afraid of cows. I guess nobody's perfect! :D :D :D lol. ok. I should stop rambling now. I need to go finish my Physical Science and write some emails to some ppl I <3 ^_^

A Very Merry Unbirthday to all of you. :D :D <3

Saturday, March 5, 2011


 The other night I was curled up in my bed with the lamp on and my journal in my lap with really not much to write about. I love to write in my journal so I really wanted to but my mind was blank!! So I thought I'd just start writing and see where I ended up. :) I think it turned out pretty well! So I'm going to post what I wrote for all y'all to read if you want. ^_^

"March 2nd, 2011
Here we are in the 2nd day of March. I've wanted it to be my birthday since March 8th of last year!! :D I am VERY excited about turning 16, but you really get a handle on how time relly does never come back when you think, 'I only have 6 days left to be 15 and I'll never be 15 again.' Wow. Dad preached on 'Budgeting' your time tonight. We should find profitable spiritually edifying things to do with our time. We don't want to look back when we are older and think 'I really wish I had done more of 'blah' or less of 'blah' or had spent more time loving my family and serving the Lord jut then instead of being in such a hurry to grow up.' I know I don't want to feel that way about my life! My prayer for this coming 16th year of my life is that God will help me focus more on right now and how I can serve Him and others."

And that is where I ended up. :) I'm not a super good writer and It's not super deep, but I hope you enjoyed it anyways. :D

LOLOL!!! I LOVE my life!! I was sitting here writing all that and heard SOMETHING buzzing! I was sure it was a radio that someone had left on and it was REALLY getting on my nerves so I got up to look around for it. Turns out it was the Pump Alarm on the outside of the house. Dad says: "Dan, go reset it" mom: "shouldn't you figure out what the problem is?" Dean: " I don't know how!" Dad: "you push the little button on it!" Mom: "shouldn't you figure out what the problem is?!" Dad: "*silent*.......Yeah. I guess I probably should..." HAHAHA!!!! That cracked me up. :D AND there is a little peek into the Crazy and Insanely random life of RinskiiJoy!! :D Have a great weekend all!!!