Saturday, June 25, 2011

Life, the universe, and everything...

*I wrote this Wednesday I think...Anywho. I wrote it and saved it and forgot to post it. :) <3* 

For starters, if you are reading through my blog and see some really stupid looking posts that you have never seen before and that are about something ridiculous that I could care less about, ignore them! lol. :D They are paid posts. Mom has added my blog to the Blogsvertise list. She does the posts and I hated the idea of my blog being an infomercial at first but I guess you guys don't have to read those if you don't want and I don't mind helping mom out in her little money making thing on here. :) Anywho. That's that.

I got my retainer yesterday. yeah. um. I *hate* it. Really. lol. It is so disgusting feeling....and I can't talk right when I wear it! I sound like Sid The Sloth with a lisp! lol. It is awful!

HOLY CATS!! You guys should hear this computer! I swear it hasn't got long left to live! lol. It is really old and I'm sure that any day now it's gonner kick the bucket! it is groaning. and wheezing. Maybe we ought to just shoot the thing and put it out of it's misery!! lol. :D I hope it lives till we can get a new one. I would hate to be computerless......@_@

I want to make peppermint patties today! :D I think I'll call mom and ask her after I get off of here. I have a REALLy good looking recipe for them in my Big Fat Cookies cookbook that Jo got me for Christmas!! I have really been wanting to try it but we have been out of Peppermint extract so I had mom get some at Walmart the other day. :D :D :D I can't wait to try them. If I end up doing them I'll do a post letting you know how they turn out. :D

So, here is something that some of you might find amusing. I found it absolutely adorable:

Yesterday afternoon Ethan, Jeri, an I were out on the trampoline playing with a football. Ethan handed my the football while I was laying in the shade and told me to "throw it up into the sky" So I did. then I caught it. Afterward he decided he wanted to try, so he flopped down and started throwing it and attempting to catch it but just dodging it and keeping it from smacking him in the face for the most part. :D Anywho, Jeri stood over him with her hands in the way of his footballs path and I said, "Jeri, He can't throw it up in the sky if you are in it!!". Thus began this conversation!
Ethan: "OH!! If I were in the sky I would lay in that cloud 'cause clouds are so warm and cozy"
Jeri: "I would yell for Mom. What would you do Rae?"
Me: "If I were on a warm and cozy clud I would jump onto an airplane!"
Ethan: *Ecstatic grin at the very thought of jumping onto an airplane from a cloud*
Jeri: "Hu-uh. 'cause then you couldn't find your house again."
Me: "Fine. Then how 'bout I jump to the moon?"
Jeri: *beginning to get a little frustrated at the unreality of this conversation* "No! there would be no food on the moon at all!!!"
Ethan: *Still grinning and giggling*
Me: "Yes there would! I would just eat Cheese on the moon like Wallace and Gromit."
Jeri:"*sigh* There is no cheese on the moon."
After that I decided to let it go because she obviously wasn't going to be drawn into such a ridiculous conversation!! lol!! She was so cute about it though. She is such a practical baby. :) Ethan is such an imagining baby. :D He loves to dream things up. ^_^

So, not much going on this week! Thursday we are going to SDC again! :D It feels like a long time since the last time we were there so I am excited. :) I love that place.

I better git now! :D Ethan's movie is almost over and I need to take care of him. Mom is out with the little boys and Jeri so I'm babysitting. :D  Anywho. As a parting word, Look. At. This.  It is INSANE! I am fond of the Alice in Wonderland cake and a lot of his just really crazy looking ones!! :D :D :D :D okies. bubye. ^_^ <3

Friday, June 17, 2011

Martin Day!!!

LOT'S of pictures ppl!!! :D :D Enjoy. <3
Lizzer. <3

Crawdad catching! :D I was the only one brave enough to. :D lol

Liddy stole my stick. She's so cute!

Jonnah and Liz!

I spy a crawdad. ^_^

Cute puppy! <3

See? Got one. :D

Liz. and her camera. of which I am quite jealous! :D

Going under the bridge!

One of a kind! <3

Rowing on the pond. :D :D So much funn!!!
yes.....we *were* using shovels!! LOL! There are no oars for that boat and shovels work really well!! :D :D

Jonni and Me.

Lilly pads!!!

Weird leafy things, lol.

Me and Liz! <3 We had so much fun out there. :D :D :D



I hate the face I'm making in this one! :D

There are those leafy things again....

WILD ROSES!!! There were several bug bushes on the far side of the pond. We had to row over and get some cos they were so gorgeous....<3

That stick is coming out of the water off of a tree that is laid over into the pond. Liz saw it sticking out of the water and said. "Go over there and lets get stuck on that tree!!! That'll be an adventure!!" LOL! <3



On the phone with mum! LOL! I can't remember why I made that face though.....

The water was SO gross in that spot!

Chuck Taylors. <3

That stuff that you can barely see under the water was SO odd! Liz pulled some out and put it in the boat and it felt just like a pine tree...It was kinda gross.....

Trying to convince Liddy to get in.

"Come on. Come ooonn!!! I love you! Come onn!!!" ;) lol

LIDDY!! <3

I killed it. >:D Bwahahahaha.

Those were so gross looking when we pulled them out of the water!!

Ever seen the bottom of a lily pad?

The little buds that were on the lily pads.

see?? Ew....

They were really slimy....Blech! :D

Lily pads underwater! They looked really nifty. :D :D
Have a great weekend everyone. <3 <3 <3 <3