Monday, April 30, 2012

100th post!!

A little about me... 

Daddy, Mummy, and Me. 
I was born in 1995, into the best family in the world. My dad had been ordained as a pastor about a year before I was born. I've been a pastor's kid all my life. We lived in Halltown Missouri. I was the chubbiest out of any of us kids. lol. I dunno if that's something to boast about...

Mum says I've always loved smiling and when I was tiny I had the funniest laugh on the planet. My giggles have alwas been contagious. ^_^ 

Five years old.
I accepted Jesus into my life when I was just four years old. My Grandpa Burks had just died from lung cancer and I was very aware and worried about death and Satan and Hell. I prayed for Jesus to come into my heart and wash me clean so that I could go to heaven someday. I was/am so proud to be a Christian. 

Jonnah and Me. About 4 and 5.
When I was about nine, I was worried about my salvation. Like, maybe I was too young to really understand when I was so little. Was it genuine? So, I prayed again, and re-comminted my life to Jesus. Asked him, again, to give me a clean heart. :) I know beyond any shadow of a doubt that I am saved and will live eternally with Jesus. God is so good. <3 

another of us. ^_^ this is one of my faves.
I never really could decide if I was a tomboy, or if I wanted to be a glam girl. :D One day, I'd be the highest tree climber, looking for worms in the dirt, digging for burried treasure, or whooping around the yard escaping from savage Indians. The next, I'd be dressing up like a billionare actress, piling on as much jewelry as I could, Playing dress up, dressing dolls, and riding imaginary horses sidesaddle.

6 years old. Always luvin' the bling. xD 
I have loved music ever since I was a baby. All of my older siblings have played a stringed instrument and at least a little piano. I started learning violin when I was 7 years old. I joined our homeschool orchestra and have loved it every bit since then. I always advanced to the next class as quickly as possible and always been more than ready for the next challenge.

seven years old. That was my favorite hat in the world. I even tried sleeping in it once. O.o
 I took piano lessons from my oldest brother for a while, then, my oldest sister. I haven't had piano lessons in several years but I still play to keep my little bit of skills up. I am in the highest class in orchestra, (which, by the way, is now a pretty big orginization) and love the way the music is often challenging. 

Ten years old
 I want to take voice lessons someday. I wanna sing beautifully. I think I sing ok right now. But I'd like to be better. I would love to be an actress. :D I think it'd be just tooooo fun. I have a billion goals and hopes for my life. I'm a pretty impatient person, but I'm trying to be content with *right now* and trust that God has the perfect plan for me. 

15 years old. Me and Lucy. Miss that puppy dawg. xoxo
we've moved 4 or five times since I was born. My parents hope, someday, to be able to build their own home here on our mountain. Right now, we live in a mobile home. It's bigger than normal mobile homes, but still a little cramped. I don't mind. I'll most likey never have my own room....that would have killed me when I was 10, but I don't mind anymore. :) I think I'd be lonely. as odd as that may sound. 

16 years old
I've never ridden in an airplane. I've never seen the Ocean. I've never climbed a palm tree. I've never seen a coral reef. I've never been rich. I've never walked along a beach at sunset hand-in-hand with that perfect guy. But that's ok. Those adventures are for another day!

current!! ^_^ 
I'm terribly excited about whan the Lord has in store for the rest of my life! I'm having a little trouble not being in a hurry to get on with life. But I've got a great one right now. Right here. I just have to wait. I'm living life to the fullest. loving my family, my friends, and learning to trust God more each day. 
<3 <3 <3 <3 

luvz!! xoxo

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Saturday, April 21, 2012


I think I'm ill. *sigh* My throat is so raw it hurts to breath and I can't talk. 
My stomach feels like it's been in a paint shaker.
My head hurts. My eyes are sore. 
an' on top of it all, I can barely use my right arm because I bruised my elbow yesterday. It feels like it's dead. 

But, other than that, I've had a great day. :) I got up *super* early. 
I wanted to go to town with mum and she had to leave early to get Micah to his ride on time. We got up at 5:45. *yaaaawwwwnn* anyways, We dropped Micah off, stopped for a hot coffee and started our shopping. We got all our shopping done by 11ish and were home pretty early. 

We spent the afternoon cooking for Benjamin's birthday party tomorrow and getting the house clean. We put together a million Enchilladas. Tomorrow, all we have to do is bake them when we get home from church.  They're gonna be *so* good. 

I'm sitting in the livingroom. Watching some epic Sci-fi with my family and wishing I had something to soothe my burning throat. 

*achoo*!!!! ow. 

Friday was good. :) I didn't have to babysit that day, so I was free. I had an awesome time hanging out with Grace and Charity. We laughed our faces off. luv those girls. 

(Charity, Me, Grace. ^_^)

I'm bushed, the show is over, an' I'm going to bed. I hope you all have a beautiful Sunday!! 
xoxo luvz

Thursday, April 19, 2012

li'l baby kitties...

Ya know how on a blog post a while back I said I was "waiting for kittens?" They came, about a week and a half ago. :) They were born in the back of dad's old pickup. Mum and Micah found them when they went to dump the load of scrap metal. They were pretty surprised! :D They brought them home and we made them a loverly little nest out of an old blanket and piled them up all warm in a little doghouse. They're *so* fluffy I'm gonna die. The blanket was discarded after the rainstorm thouroghly soaked it the other night, so they have an old towl. They prefer the floor of the doghouse, It's really hot out. :) I can't wait until their eyes open up and they're finally venturing a little ways from their cozy doghouse. <3 
I love kittens. A lot. <3 
Isn't that a cute little face?? 
<3 pretty

this is kinda blurry, but it shows all five of 'em. :) I'll prolly post more picture of them sometime. when I have time to acutally take some. ^_^ 

xoxo luv!


Sunday, April 15, 2012

A Baby...

I'mma be an aunt again!! :D <3 <3 My sister-in-law and brother are expecting their 1st baby! :D 
I am *so* happy for them. It'll be Neice/Nephew #7 in our family. <3 <3 
Yes, it is the same couple as Nonii's Brother-in-law and sister. lol. <3 We're finally sharing Aunthood! 
SoSo happy for Jason and Antonia. 
<3 <3 <3 <3 
luvluv and babykisses! 


P.S. Check out my big Brother's blog. hehehe. He's not an "official" blogger, but this makes me laugh. ^_^

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Rainy Saturday...

{Garage Sales}{doughnuts}{warm cars}{rain}{flea markets}{Thrift stores}{Taco Bell}{Home for the afternoon}{Shooting Skeet with my brothers}{Sitting at Brother's house babysitting}{Watching Bug's Life}{hoping there's thunder while I go to sleep}

P.S. This is my first time using the updated blogger....I don't like it.

Monday, April 9, 2012

30 Things About Me...

I am totally copying Nonii and Lijda here. :) It looked like fun though. :D 
Here goes! 

1. I am not a fan of reading books. There are a few books that I really enjoy...I'm not the typa kid that just reads anything I can get my hands on though...
2. I am terrible at introducing myself to people. I'm kinda shy. lol. 
3. I've wanted to go Scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef since I was about 10. 
4. I'm in love with anything Nautical. Ships, sea-shells, driftwood, reefs, islands, ect.
5. I sometimes pretend like I'm a photographer. 
6. I really enjoy video games. yup. x-box, X-box 360, PS2 +3, PC games, ect. I'm good at 'em too. 
7. I'm not a very sportsy girl. Every now and then I play some volley-ball or tennis....
8. I *reallyreally* wanna play paintball.
9. I have never been on a float trip *or* a camping trip. sad, I know. 
10. I can type at 73WPM. boojah. 
11. I paint my fingernails every color. including sparkley. 
12. I'm a champion bread-baker. 
13. I love sci-fi tv shows and movies. 
14. Jazz is my favorite. 
15. I am totally a pet person. :D my house will be extremely pet-ridden. 
16. I am horribly at water skiing. (though, the few times I actually get on top of the water are totally worth all the crashing in the beginning.) 
17. I'm a coffee addict. 
18. I play any instument I can get ahold of. xD I love music. 
19. I am a Pirates of the Caribbean fanatic. <3 Best movies ever. 
20. I'm gonna have a motorcycle someday. 
21. Green might be my favorite color. I feel bad abandoning purple to 2nd place though....It's a toss up. 
22. I hate Algebra so flipping bad I would kill it dead if I ever got the chance. 
23. I've never had a boyfriend. 
24. I'm pretty much fond of doughnuts. 
25. I like to walk to the top of our Blackberry Hill so that I can see the Sunset better. 
26. King Size *is* Fun Size
27. Singing is one of my very favorite things to do. I wanna be famous at it someday. That's my dream. A dream that will likely never come true. But I like to hope it anyways. ^_^ 
28. I eat Ranch and Valentina on pretty much everything. almost always together. 
29. I am deathly afraid of Spiders. Like, Legitimate Arachniphobia. *shivver* 
30. I rarely make my bed. 
31. If I were Jo, I would have married Laurie. 

I know, That's 31. But #31 was totally worth mentioning. ^_^ I always thought they should have been together. Despite all my bestie's attempts to explain to me why it wouldn't have worked and Amy was perfect for Laurie. *sigh* I stop reading that book after that part...*tear* 
Anyways, Life is beautiful. I had a beautiful Easter. I would post some pictures, but our internet is garbage and we can't upload hardly anything right now. :P I'll prolly find one to post....or this would look really bland. :) Next time I have decent internet I'll try to post a bunch. :D 
<3 <3 <3 
luuuv! xoxo

Saturday, April 7, 2012

In Love With Life...

How can I say thanks
For the things you have done for me-
Things so undeserved,
yet you give to prove your love for me?

The voices of a million angels
could not express my gratitude-
All that I am and ever hope to be,
I owe it all to thee.

To God be the glory,
To God be the glory,
To God be the glory
for thethings He has done.

With His blood He has saved me;
With his pow'r He has raised me;
To God be the glory
For the things he has done.

Just let me live my life;
Let it be pleasing, Lord, to thee.
And should I gain any praise,
Let it go to Calvary.

My week:
Bowling//Yard cleaning//mowing//tramploline//Stargate//Filling Easter eggs//Helping Ty with her flower beds//bowling again//more yard work//church//Singing practice with my older siblings//baking//Pizza//Reading//clothes shopping//book shopping//Checking Totsy for my order over and over again//Chatting with friends//Cocolate Frosties//laughing//Self portraits//A new make-up style//Dairy Queen with friends//fingernail polish//mmmm...//Tennis//waiting for kittens//babysitting//approaching thunderstorm//Michael Buble//avoiding Algebra//distant lightning//loving life....

Happy Easter and Luvz!!!!!!
<3 <3 <3 <3 


Tuesday, April 3, 2012


 Ready for a heckova lot of pictures?? xD we went bowling last night and this is less then half of the pictures that were taken. :D These are the ones I couldn't *not* post. ^_^ lol. It was SO much fun. None of them are edited. I haven't had the time. :) Oh well, they are fun anyways. 

hehe, naughty me.

Emmaline too! xD lol

Sarah and Aerial.

My brother, Micah. :D 

Abrianne and Caitria. (And Shannon.)

Daniel P. 

Pastor Baker and Sarah.

Jason, Bill, and Micah


Emz. :) 

hahahaha!!!! :D 

People. <3 

Amanda, Emmaline, and another brother, Nathanael.

hehehe. Another brother, Dean. :D Also Daniel. lol. There were 3 Daniels there. It was easy to get confused. lol 

Lacey and Dean. 

John Baker, Daniel P., and Micah.

Jonni!! ^_^ She's so cute. 

Dean and Caitria.
Me and Emmaline.
Toni, John, and Aerial.



Josh an' Mary. ^_^ 

Daniel P. hehehe. He really did do it backwards too. :D 

I have the koolest friends. ^_^
I love making new friends and hanging out with old ones. It makes for a fun evening. :D :D 
Do you like bowling? 
<3 xoxo <3