Monday, January 30, 2012

Just 'cuz...

Here are some random pics that I have floating around in my folder that I just love to death.

This is me. lol. I edited my eyes so that they look like, enourmous! :D I have gotten the comment "creepy." Several times on this one...or was that the purple one?....hehe. 

I love this picture, Don't you?? It just eeeks adventure. It's beautiful. I want to go there. And I want to be on that ship. Really, I do. Maybe I will someday. ;) <3 
<3 The gorgeous Lambourghini Murcielago. <3 
"Say it Gus. You know you want to."

I took this one a while back and kinda went crazy with the edits the other day. xD Those are me and my niece's converse. ^_^ <3 <3 
So, last night was pretty much a blast. After church me and a fe of my siblings went over to Q and Jo's house to hang out for the evening. The guys have this game they play called Twilight Imperium and it takes (not exaggerating) 8 to 10 hours to play. It is insane. Anywho, Jonnah and me tagged along to hang out with Jo and Tabbi during the game and we all had sooo much fun!! We laughed our faces off and were just crazy friends. It was awesome just to have a blast together. The boys finished the game at around 2:30AM and we were home around 3. I am kinda tired. lol. <3 <3 I didn't have the camera unfortunately. I am going to steal a few pics from Tabbi though, so that you all can see that game!! 
It is the most complex board game I have seen in my life. 

This is us. <3 <3 <3 


Anyways, I hope you all have the most fantastic week. <3 <3 


Thursday, January 26, 2012


heya people!
How are you?
I am good. :)

I have spent the past hour-ish hanging out on picnik!! It is so much fun! They are (unfortunately) closing down the site in April, so for now they have all their premium effects for free! It is some really kool stuff. :D I am gonna post a few of the pictures that I edited. <3 <3

I am not overly creative, but I have fun anyways!! :D lol. This is the first time I have used Picnik Premium and I really like it. ^_^ If any of you are not familiar with the site here is the link:  You don't have to sign up, just click "Get Started Now!" and you can upload your photos! They have a bunch of really great editing tools. :)
Anyways, I gotta git! I have been on here too long already and need to go do something productive! lol. <3 <3


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Check. This. Out!!!!! This is so amazing! It is a fantastic reminder of the greatness and amazing majesty of our God!

My sister lent us the DVD And I watched that today and I could watch it over and over! It gives me goose bumps. <3 My favorite quote from Louie is "There is a cross in history where the Star-Breather became the Sin Bearer. Where the Universe Maker became Mankinds Salvation." Isn't that beautiful?
I really hope you watch that video. It is long, But It's worth it. <3

On another note, I am eating a pecan/cranberry pancake for dinner. Yuuuuummm.....Not a box or mix pancake either. My mom's homemade from scratch whole-wheat pancakes. I am not usually a fan, but when they are loaded up with delicious goodies and topped with powdered sugar and cinnamon, They are absolutely lovely. ^_^
You know what I love? Warm days in January. It was so warm out today. It was amazing. Me and Ethan were on the tire swing for about 30 minutes while he told me all about Bears and squirrels eating acorns and burrying them in the woods. And he was sure that bears lived across the fence in the neighbors woods. When I told him about bears hibernating all through winter he was kind of confused but I think he loved the idea of curling up in a cave or den with a leaf blanket. lol. <3 He's a doll.
Also, -->This<-- Is what I wanna do.
I better go. Dad is really wanting the computer. :D lol. <3 I hope you can watch that video! It really is amazing. <3
P.S. I almost didn't post this because I look so dang stupid in it. But maybe I could stand to be a little less self-consious. ;) <3 This is me and TabbyCat being ninjas on the trampoline. :D <3 I hope you get a laugh outta this ridiculous picture!! xD

Monday, January 16, 2012

Tagged, Merrie Melodies, and a New Years Gift.

Hiyaz! I am finally getting around to blogging again! I am sorry it has been so long. once we got our internet back to useable again I just never got around to it!
Not much has been happening, pretty much just school. I haven't minded getting back to it as much as I thought I would. I am glad for that. ^_^
Anyways, I was tagged by Kate, (from Dream Sailor), for this quiz thing! I won't tag anyone because I only have 2 or 3 followers who would do this that haven't been tagged yet! If you want me to tag u just let me know and I can think up 11 questions to ask you. :D lol. <3
So, Here goes!

1.What would you do if you knew you could not fail? -Put together my own Jazz band and sing and become famous and tour the world. Yup.

2. If you had an opportunity to go to Haiti with a charity organization, would you? -If that is what God wanted me to do!

3. You're in a situation where you know doing the right thing will get you in trouble (with the law, your family, friends, your school, ect.) what do you do? -The right thing.

4. What do you want to change in the world? -Wow. Just one thing? ok...The thought that abortion is anything besides murder.

5. Favorite species of owl? -Honestly, I know absolutely nothing about owls. lol. So I can't answer this one.

6. What would you rather eat, if you absolutely HAD to: a crayon or a camera card? -A crayon. No contest. a purple one.

7. You see a see a ten dollar bill on the floor in a check-out lane, it may or may not belong to the person in front of you. What do you do? -Ask the people in line ahead of me and if it's not theirs, take it to costomer service in case someone ends up looking for it.

8. Who do you like better, Darth Vader or Ken (Barbie's obnoxious boyfriend)?  -Darth Vader!!! xD fo' Shiz

9. You break something in a pottery store. Now what do you do? -Make a terrified face. After that wish I didn't have to tell someone that I broke it, after that take it to checkout and offer to pay for it.

10. What would you do if you woke up and found yourself in the 'cat room' of an animal shelter? -say "aaaww!!!!"....Then wonder what the heck I was doing that caused me to end up there.

11. What is your opinion of the sesame street character Elmo? -Totally creepy.
lol!! Well, That was fun. I hope you enjoyed reading my answers! I hope no one objects to me not tagging anyone. lol. I'm sorry!

So, My sister got a blog this week! Here is her link:
<3 <3 <3
And, this is what my awesome Sis got me for Christmas! It came late so I got it as more of a "New Years gift" :D lol. <3 <3

<3 Luvvz!! <3