Thursday, November 1, 2012


NOVEMBER!! I can't believe it's here already! We just planned and sent out invitations for our Christmas party. I'm so excited! Christmas parties are my favorite ever. 
I absolutely love the Christmas season. <3 
ok. Enough about Christmas. I'm sure I'll have loads to say about it in later posts so I'll spare you for a few more weeks. :) :)

Today mum and I finished hanging the kitchen cabinets that we painted this week and besides that i've been terribly lazy. lol. :) I'm watching Hogans Heroes with the kids and browsing Pinterest looking for hair ideas. I'm getting my hair cut on Wednesday and need my bangs back desperately. I'm also planning on getting it layered a bunch again. I love layers. Wanna see what I'm thinkin?

I looooove these bangs. They're not too thick and have that cute wispy look. I actually love this whole cut but I don't think it'd look so cute on my face. lol. 

Hate those bangs, but those layers are fantastic...

This is what I'm pretty sure I'll go with..these layers and those bangs up top. This is what my hair does anyways. :) 
Opinions? :)

It's so sunny today. I'm glad. I'm not looking forward to white winter skies yet. There's a lot about winter that I love but one thing I hate for sure is days and days of just white blue...It's terribly depressing. :P I'm enjoying every speck of sunshine we get. 

Gawsh! I'm so excited about our Christmas party!! :D :D 

Oh, did you guys see *this*!??! The H.M.S. Bounty is the ship that they did most of the filming for the Pirates of the Caribbean movies...I think it's just tragic that it's been sunk. :P 

I'm outta things to talk about. I'm going to find food. 

Happy November you guys. :) <3 



  1. :D Fun post! I like the first hair picture best. I think it would look good on you. <3 <3

    1. thankie! Oh gosh, I'm glad you said that. Mum said that too...I think I have to do that one. I love it so much...


    And i like the first hair picture besttesttt<3
    And lastly, i love the last Autumn photo you posted too.


  3. Love the first hair pic, its so adorable! And the last is great to, are you really gonna go that short tho?
    I really hope I can make it to your christmas party!!! <3

    1. Thanks! No, I'm not going that short. I'mma keep it the length it is, but with more layers.
      me toooo!!! <3 <3

  4. These shots are absolutely stunning!
    xo TJ

  5. Christmas parties sound like such fun. I am hoping to hold one this year.

    Also, I like the bottom hair cut style best. (And I like the pictures you shared.) And I like November. So, I guess this means I really like this post.

    And I am very glad you liked the cover!

  6. Oh, and I think that hairstyle would look great!!!


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