Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thankful for...{A-Z}

Happy Thanksgiving, bloggy world! 
I hope you've all had as fantastic a day as I have. I'mma throw up some pics (most of which don't pertain to thanksgiving....just so you know. lol) and some random things that I'm terribly thankful for and leave you with wishes for a fantastic weekend! 

our desserts today after baking *all* day yesterday: Pecan pie bars, Pumpkin pie, Apple cranberry pie, cranberry almond rugalach. :D 
{Link-up with Hannah Nicole}

An Anthology of Thanks | Hannah Nicole

Avocados. I adore avocados. lol. pretty much in any version
Beauty! There's beauty everywhere. if you just take the time to notice it...
Chuck taylors! Best shoes evah...pretty much. I wear them with everything casual.
Doctor Who. silly? yes. but I am. :D It's fantastic. and I'm a Whovian all the way through.

Every single one of my friends. I have so many amazing friends. 
Family!! my family is beyond epic. and food. I love food. ;)
Guitar! I love playing guitar. I'm not very good at it, But I'm so glad I decided to learn! + the color green!
Hands. really. and I notice people's hands all the time...I love pretty hands....

Tom Hiddleston's hands....prettiest hands I've ever seen.....<3 <3
In-law siblings!! I have three sisters-in-law and one brother-in-law, and I just wanna say that I love them all to death. :D They're amazing. 
Jesus! I'm forever thankful to My savior for saving me! He's my Rock and my Salvation. <3
Knowledge. I'm thankful for being homeschooled by my amazing mum and for the chance to learn! so many people in other parts of the world never get the chance....
LOVE!!! Enough said. :D oh, and Laughter.

love this quote. :D 
Music. Couldn't live without it. Ever. 
Nieces and Nephews...<3 I have seven of the most beautiful, funny, adorable nieces and nephews on the planet. I'm such a blessed Aunt. ^_^
Orchestra-Almost every Friday of my life for as long as I can remember. :D I always look forward to it. I love playing in my orchestra! 
Pumpkin pie!! :D I'm having my second piece right now. piiiiled with cool whip. mmm...

lol. so been there. 
Quirks in people. those little things about them that define them so clearly and that can either make you hate, or love them. lol. 
Rain...I love rain...<3
Sparkles. Shoes. Science Fiction. Stargate. Super heroes!!! ;) 
Time. {ecclesiastes 3:1-15} <3

Unique-ness....:D Be "you-nique" ^_^ 
Violin...I'm soooo thankful for my violin and for my mother for making me continue with it when I wanted to quit because now it's one of my greatest passions. <3 <3
Water. :) I'm definitely thankful for clean clear water to drink whenever I want it. 
XoXo- Kisses and hugs!! So thankful. <3

Zzzzzzz...Sleep. ;) <3


There you have a few of the things i'm thankful for this year from A to Z. <3
I hope you've all had a fabulous Thanksgiving and continue to have a beautiful weekend.



  1. This post is just freaking adorable. <3
    Love you!

    They're the best <3

  3. Very creative way to do this! It was a lot of fun to read.

    I too, am thankful for sleep...ZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Happy late Thanksgiving to you!

  4. "OI! Watch it Spaceman!"
    "OI! Watch it Earthgirl!"


    My sister is a HUGE Whovian, and while I'm not as big of a fan as her, I do love it as well. I found myself relating to so many of the thankful thoughts you listed, sweet friend! Avocados are a favorite here as well, pumpkin pie with cool whip is a NECESSARY thanksgiving treat, and I'm so blessed to be homeschooled too. thank you for linking up your wonderful list, girl!

    have a beautiful weekend!

  5. What a great list! Your pies looks amazingly delicious, btw. :9 I like my pumpkin pie served with homemade vanilla ice-cream, but cool whip is fine too. ;)

    Take care, and hope you have a blessed day!


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