Monday, November 12, 2012

Lifey stuff...

This week has been crazy. Ever since Lovely Asa got here. It seems like we haven't had a day to just breathe in much too long. I'm falling behind on school, I can't seem to find time to practice my violin and when I do I'm so sucky at it it frustrates me, and the busy isn't gonna stop....
I'm just trying not to let it get to me too much. (see how well it's working? :P guffaw) Life will slow down eventually. for now I just need to keep going getting whatever I can finished along the way. :) 

Saturday was my Granee's (great grandmother) 90th birthday party! My amazing mum and Gramma put it together for her and she was so surprised! A bunch of family got to come and it turned out so wonderful. 

Granee holding her seventh great-great grandchild. Asa Matthew. ^_^  

me (in the short brown skirt and brown boots) and some of my siblings and one of my nieces. 

Friday was This epic girl's ^^ 18th birthday! 
She was able to come hang out at orchestra with me all day  and in the evening we had some girlfriends over and watched The Amazing Spiderman, ate food, played some games, and laughed our hearts out. 
I have the best bestie ever. <3 ^_^ 

Spidey! I loved that movie. I've always kinda hated Spiderman until now...but that was Toby's fault. Hideous human that. :P Loved this guy though! :D 
Anyways, It's deer season here in good ol' MO and with a whole family that loves to hunt we're staying busy...We process and butcher all our own venison. I hate it. every time. lol. Oh well. I'm pretty good at it after a few years of doing it and deer season'll be over soon. :)

I don't think I'll be blogging much more until after new years....I may be wrong, but it feels like I'm going to be really busy. lol. Hopefully I'll be able to keep it up pretty well, but if you don't see many comments or posts from me, don't worry. I'll be back to my ol' self when life settles down. 

Signing off for today. I hope you all have a safe, happy week! 


{P.S. Is anyone else *psyched* about Thor 2 that I'm pretty sure comes out next year??? That and Iron Man 3. :D gosh, the preview for that makes me wanna cry. anyways. yah. :D} 


  1. love this post! But, wouldn't Asa be her great- great- grandson? instead of just one great? cos your gramma is his great :D
    i'm so glad i got to spend my b-day with you. you're amazing <3
    EEK! LOKI'S WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. um...yup. he would. :D lol. thanks, it is now corrected.
      awh, You're amazing too. I'm glad you had fun.
      I know, right??? :D

  2. ahah ive had a busy week too, but a fun one. :) I loved this post and YES I looove spiderman.

  3. For one split second I thought you said "I don't think I'll be blogging much more until after a few YEARS." O.o WHAT?!?! Ohhh, that makes more sense ;)

  4. I know, the Iron Man 3 trailer looks very intense. I really want to see it!!!

    Hope your life slows down a little bit. I know what it's like to feel super busy... I'm at a time like that right now! I'll be waiting for your return after New Year's, then. :)

  5. This is the time of year for everyone to get busy. it is like a cold, just goes around.

    Your new nephew is cute! (Nephew, right?)

    I hope life slows down soon and lets you breath, and am glad you liked the new Spiderman. I've heard it is good but I cannot watch it, Spider Phobia and all. But I've heard it is better then the old ones.


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