Monday, November 5, 2012

Bucket List...

1.| Travel to New Zealand
2.| Swim in the ocean
3.| Take an airplane trip
4.| Own a ship like the Black Pearl

5.| meet these guys.^^ all of 'em. 
6.| Learn how to surf
7.| Own an island in the caribbean
8.| Sing with my own jazz band

9.| Have a bedroom like that one...^^
10.|  Do a photo shoot in a train yard
11.| See the actual Titanic in person
12.| Guest Star in an episode of Doctor Who

13.| Go to a Comic Con with my future man
14.| Go to the top of the Statue of Liberty
15.| Learn how to make coffees like Starbucks.....mmm.
16.| Act in a super hero movie.


Today has been so strange...I didn't get enough school done. :P I hate it when that happens. 
My sister-in-law should be having her baby any time now...literally. and I'm so excited. 
Mum just made a lovely French Press! second cup of french press coffee today. It's my favorite while I'm at home...

the press and my favorite coffee mug. <3

We're watching I Love Lucy....I love this show. I'm honestly glad it's not Doctor awful as that sounds. I just can't stand David being replaced by Matt. It's making me very sad...

That scene made me cry...:'( <3
{edits on this pic by me...}
On another note, I'm addicted to avocados...Yeah, weird huh? I eat them on sandwiches, on bread with mayonnaise, wrapped up in a tortillas with salsa and ranch dressing, this afternoon it was on my baked potato...Hm. Anyways. They're good. :D 

I'mma git. We're still waiting for Baby...Can't wait till he gets here! I'll definitely be posting pictures of him at some point. :D <3 




  1. love everything in the list!! i wanna do most of those things, and i've already done a few of em' xD
    love you and cant wait to see you tomorrow!! Asa needs to hurry up!

  2. That is quite the bucket list!!! I want a room like that too. Hee! How awesome. I love fresh guacamole, but I've never tried an avocado on its own. Must do. :)

    Quite liked this post. xx

  3. That is an EPIC bucket list. 1, 9, 10, and 15 are my favs. :) Surfing is so fun by the way, and the water slide....SO EPIC. haha. And its good that you like avocados! Cause they have tons of health benefits. I'm not a HUGE fan of avocados but on Thanksgiving my Mom and I make this Avocado salsa dip and thaaaat is absoloutly amazing. haha.

  4. I absolutely LOVE your bucket list. It is Fabulous! And meet the Avengers? Amen to that. I will be right along-side you.


  5. I think that is the cutest picture of Chris Evens I have ever seen!!
    I love that picture of the Doctor! <3 Love the way you edited it.
    And *sob* Doctor Who dying *sob* is like the *sob* saddest thing ever!!! <3

  6. Wow! Captian America and Thor don't look ANYTHING like their characters in those pics!
    The bucket list was epic and awesome!!! I'm pretty sure I'd be good with most of those myself. :D
    Praying for baby to come soon!!!!!!!!! So exciting!
    (And that mug...I want that mug....)
    <3 <3 <3

  7. Oh gosh, traveling to New Zealand has been high on the bucket list of the mister and I! Adore!
    xo TJ

  8. There's something really honest and transparent about this post. I hope you get to cross everything off the list in due time!!

    +To Me It Matters+

  9. Hi Rachel, I like your bucket list - it looks so fun! Hope you get to realize your goals :) Owning an island is one of my dreams too!

    I just completed a dream of mine - an iPhone app where people share their dreams and goals in a fun way. If you find it useful/fun, pls let me know :)

    Best, Ray

    adream - (iPhone app)


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