Saturday, November 24, 2012

Random bits...

I've finally created a Pinterest account! 
yeah, 'bout time, right? 

Follow me if you like!
my name on there is Rachel Joy (until I think of something to change it to)...and I have one pin so far. hahaha. :D anyways...

oh! one more thing! go check out the sweet giveaway over at Bella Regazza!
aaand...Have a fantastic Saturday. Or, what's left of it. ^_^ lol



  1. I'm glad you finally have pinterest! I love sending links back and forth with you <3

  2. I was pretty excited to see you there! Hurrah!

  3. I am completely addicted to Pinterest. I'll definitely have to follow you there, as well.

    Do you watch Psych? I'm loving the pineapple...

    1. Sweet! Next time I'm on i'll be sure to follow you back! :D

      Yes! It's one of my very favorite tv shows to Dr. who and Stargate. :D <3

  4. OOh sweetness! I have a pinterest board too:)

  5. I shall have to try and find you now. 8-D

    Pumpkin pie for breakfast, I'm coming for a visit.
    Aye, I'm with you. I wish I could draw like Clair as well. My people look like stick figures who ran into a brick wall.


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