Thursday, February 2, 2012

Tagged again and Concertino by O. Rieding...

P.S. I'm sorry about the strange color and font on this post O.o I think it is because I copied the questions and it didn't change fonts when I pasted and I don't know how to fix it. lol. :P

P.P.S I know a "P.S. at the beginning of the post isn't very normal, but I put it at the end then decided that I would say it before my strangely fonted post. xD lol. <3 

Hello Again!
So, I was tagged in another quiz this week by Mel over at Crazy Rants! She has a fantastic blog. It is one of my faves. :D Anyways, Here are my answers. 

1. Someone walks up to you and tells you that you can go to the moon on a NASA mission for free, without any astronaut training. What do you say? OMGSH!

2. You go over a friend’s house for dinner, and they are serving stuffed peppers that taste and look like dog food. When the person asks you how it is, what do you tell them? - um... How 'bout this weather??  

3. What would you rather swim in an entire pool of? Orange soda or Maple Syrup? - Orange Soda. I hate the way maple syrup smells. xP 

4. So let’s say your in a dressing room in a clothing store, and on the hook thingie on the back of the door there’s a camera bag with a camera inside. The owner could be long gone by now… but what do you do? -Ask around...Then feel bad for whoever left their camera there, then idk wat I would do. lol. 

5. What would you rather swim in an entire pool of? Sour Cream or Honey Mustard salad dressing? -Sour cream!!! xD I hate honey mustard, but Sour Cream would be fun to swim in. ^_^ 

6. You’re house is on fire. What’s the first thing you grab? (other than living things like people and animals and such) -My violin. Probably. or photo albums. 

7. A package suddenly mysteriously arrives on your doorstep one day, without a return address and a sticker that says: “THIS SIDE UP”. You open it. Inside is a real live penguin. What do you do now? -Squeal and try to convince my parents to let me keep a penguin. <3 

8. What would you rather swim in an entire pool of? Grape Juice or Raw Eggs? (yup. I said eggs.) -Eggs could be fun. As long as they were store eggs and didn't smell bad. Grape juice would be boring. 

9. Your best friend invites you to go see a movie with her, but you everything you believe goes against what this film is about. What do you say? - I say that I'm not going to see that movie because everything I believe goes against it. lol. I wouldn't stop her from going, though, if her authorities had given her permission. 

10. What would you rather swim in an entire pool of? Baby Food or Lava? (if the lava wasn’t painfully hot) -ooh!! Lava!! I have always wanted to swim in lava. for real. It looks so fantastic to play in doesn't it? The fact that it is thousands of degrees hot is what has stopped me. Well, That, and I've never been around Lava....

11. Your friend is over your house and while you’re in the middle of having a conversation with her, she pulls out her phone and begins texting right in front of you. What do you do now? -Be silent, and look right at her in a kinda shocked state. I think she might get the picture....

Once again. I can't tag. lol. I don't know that many people who actually blog! lol. <3 

There are my answers! :) <3 Also, I am going to be doing a cute little Doodle Challenge that Kate from Dream Sailor posted. :D Her blog is also adorable! Anyways, It should be fun. ^_^ <3 I will be posting pictures I my doodles sometime. lol. <3 I am a terrible artist. :D 
I am so glad that it is finally Thursday. School has been a trial for me this week. :P I seem to be barely able to get all the days school done before 2 in the afternoon and usually I can finish either before or right after lunch. :) Anyways, we don't have school tomorrow because we have orchestra. <3 I love orchestra. I love playing my violin again!!! hehe. Earlier this week I just couldn't get it to sound clear at all. It was...kinda muddy. :P The sound just wasn't crystal. If you know what I mean. lol. Anyways, I was thinkin' that maybe I need new strings or something and mom was like "Have you cleaned your strings recently?" DUH!! LOL! I couldn't believe I hadn't thought of that. :D My mum is so smart. xD lol. My violin sounds gorgeous again and I have been practising like crazy. I am getting better with my federation piece. I am not worried about the difficulty of playing it, I am worried about having four pages worth of music to memorize in just a few weeks. 0_0. 
Here is the Youtube link to the song I am playing:

I am not playing the entire thing, I am playing up to 4:20 on that vid. :) It is a blast to play. It involves a lot of shifting and such. xD tooooo fun!!

My hands are cooold!! golly. I am going to post a few of my recent edits then grab some coffee and watch F-Troop with the kiddos. <3 <3

These are my three fave pairs of shoes. xD <3 

<3 <3 Luvluvzzzz!!! <3 <3



  1. Phahaha! your such a dork, I had to highlight the whole thing to read it!<3I loved your answers tho<3 I listened to the vid, and wowzers, thats a kool piece your learning there! Someday I might do something like that. ha.
    Love the pix <3 <3 <3

    1. lol!! ikr?? It made me mad. lol. so I decided to leave it. xD Thanx!
      Yes. It is totally fun to play. :D I am getting it memorized Much faster than I expected too!! xD xD Someday u will! Someday me an' u will have to do some epic Violin/cello duets! ^_^


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