Tuesday, February 21, 2012

How I Feel Right Now...

kinda chilly....My family tends to like it quite a bit cooler in here than I do. I spent a lot of time standing or sitting about 2 inches or less from our wood stove. :) Right now I am wrapped in my fuzzy robe. It is cozy. I am in fuzzy socks too. Later when it is time to hang with the fam or watch a show or something I'll be wearing fuzzy pants as well. Yes, I am a fan a fuzzy clothes. xD lol.

sleepy...I went to bed a little later than usual last night and was up pretty early. I couldda slept for hours more. *yawn* I did manage to finish my school despite the sleepy feeling that caused Algabra to take an hour and a half. I hate Algebra. I am so craving a cup of strong coffee right now. About like this morning's...That was delish.

sorta bored...Just cos. lol. I am over here at the desk chompin' my gum and freezing and being sleepy and that's about all that's goin' on. :) Mum and Pop are gonna be out for the evening....I am babysitting my little siblings who are all in the living room cheering my two littlest siblings on while they play the x-box. I can think of about all of them who should be finishing the day's school right now... :) Maybe We'll play Kinect later. Have any of you tried that? It is so fun! :D

Happy...I had a pretty Epic weekend. I went to a friends birthday party, hung out with a friend that lives all the way over in Cali and came to visit, Went bowling, Went out for ice cream with friends, laughed, screamed, and all those fun things. xD Yeap.

Antsy....I wanna go somewhere new....I wanna go somewhere with long white sandy beaches and palm trees. Somewhere where the ocean is. I have never seen the ocean in real life. I love it though. I want to be there. *sigh* Where there are amazing kids of colorful fish and reefs and crabs and seagulls and pelicans and ships and yachts and islands and coconuts. I have always wanted to be there. Maybe someday I will. :) I keep telling myself with absolute certainty that someday I will. ^_^

Successful...I MEMORIZED THAT SONG!! xD That concerto that I am playing for Federation in 2 weeks! *grins* I finally memorized it. I am not as good at it as I would like currently but I am practicing like crazy and I'm sure I'll get close. :) I am nervous though. I am a pretty shy person and playing in front of a judge always gives me butterflies. or worse. Sometimes I feel like I'm gonna die. lol. I know people who have no problem performing in front of other people...That's not me. 0_0
Yeah. I kinda feel all of that right now. I also feel like I need to go put rice in the oven for dinner and like I need to get some kids busy cleaning up in here. ^_^



  1. I pretty much feel the exact same right now lol. I am always so cold and I absolutely love fuzzy clothes and wood stoves and coffee!! Ahh! I'm so jealous that you have a wood stove! lol I love those things

    1. lol! I *love* our wood stove. :D We have only had it since we moved into our current house 2 1/2 years ago. ^_^ It is so cozy.
      I am always the one that is freezing in out family. :D When I am comfortable with the temperature the other kids (and dad) are opening windows and letting in the 30 degree air because they are "frying"! lol. I pretty much live in hoodies and socks.


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