Thursday, February 23, 2012

A little bit of random. :)

I just got back from a walk with Jonnah. ^_^ It is so gorgeous outside today! It is about 68 degrees, The sun is bright and warm, The sky is intense blue with pure white clouds scattered across it, and the wind is just about perfect. We walked close to 2 miles just around the farm. We started walking along the fence in front of our house all the way until the path met up with the driveway. At the bottom of the hill we turned right, instead of the usual left, at the top of the hill and went all the way to the fence. We walked up the fence line up into the field on top of Blackberry Hill. We passed a little red house on the other side of the fence and went all the way to the corner of the property. On the way back we cut across the field to the lilly-pond, which doesn't have lilly pads on it right now, then down the road and back up the hill. *sigh* It was nice.
It is only 14 days until my birthday!!! xD I am so excited! I love birthdays. Every year, in honor of my birthday, we watch my very favorite movies ever, Pirates of the Caribbean. This year I am having a few close girlfriends and my sisters-in-law over and having a Pirates Party. We are pretty much going to hang out, eat candy and junk food, laugh, squeal, and have a fabulous time. I am so excited!! Mom and I have spent the past 2 days planning and whatnot. ^_^
I can't believe I'm gonna be 17! O.o It seems odd to me. I guess I always thought that by the time I was 16-17 I would feel grown up. I don't. I feel less grown up than ever. That is not a bad thing by any stretch of the imagination! I am thrilled to be a kid. Just a teenaged kid. :D I don't want to grow up yet. <3 I s'ppose I'll have to soon enough...
I still haven't done a Day 5 doodle! lol.
I really don't have anything to write about. lol. I just thought that I would. I kinda felt in the mood....I don't really ever fell in the mood to write. I'm not a very good writer. I am a worse writer when it is something that I *have* to write about. Like an essay or a report. I hate those. Argh. The only kind of writing I even remotely enjoy is whatever I feel like. I like to be able to just type or write out whatever the heck I am thinking about. I could never write a book or a story...It wouldn't make sense. lol. And if I tried to get it to make sense it would be really dumb. :P lol.
Here are some random pictures that were in my folder...those do happen. lol.

So true....

I look kinda sleepy in this picture but I like the quality of it. :D Our camera accidentally took a good picture. 


I admit it. I have done every single one of those. 

Ninja TabbyCat!! xD 

lol. Fun Edits. 

<3 Luvluvluv!! <3 


  1. Wipeout? Wipeout? I love Wipeout. :-D

  2. Oh my goodness! I love the new layout! I know... it's been waaay too long since I've been blogging ;)
    Haha, I know EXACTLY what you mean by "getting older but not feeling older" :P ... I REALLY hope make it to your 'Pirates Party' :D That would be so much fun! Luv you lots!

    1. Thank you Abigail! ^_^ <3 <3
      ME TOO! :D I will be sad if you can't come. :) <3 <3
      Luv you back!!!


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