Monday, January 30, 2012

Just 'cuz...

Here are some random pics that I have floating around in my folder that I just love to death.

This is me. lol. I edited my eyes so that they look like, enourmous! :D I have gotten the comment "creepy." Several times on this one...or was that the purple one?....hehe. 

I love this picture, Don't you?? It just eeeks adventure. It's beautiful. I want to go there. And I want to be on that ship. Really, I do. Maybe I will someday. ;) <3 
<3 The gorgeous Lambourghini Murcielago. <3 
"Say it Gus. You know you want to."

I took this one a while back and kinda went crazy with the edits the other day. xD Those are me and my niece's converse. ^_^ <3 <3 
So, last night was pretty much a blast. After church me and a fe of my siblings went over to Q and Jo's house to hang out for the evening. The guys have this game they play called Twilight Imperium and it takes (not exaggerating) 8 to 10 hours to play. It is insane. Anywho, Jonnah and me tagged along to hang out with Jo and Tabbi during the game and we all had sooo much fun!! We laughed our faces off and were just crazy friends. It was awesome just to have a blast together. The boys finished the game at around 2:30AM and we were home around 3. I am kinda tired. lol. <3 <3 I didn't have the camera unfortunately. I am going to steal a few pics from Tabbi though, so that you all can see that game!! 
It is the most complex board game I have seen in my life. 

This is us. <3 <3 <3 


Anyways, I hope you all have the most fantastic week. <3 <3 



  1. Lol, just coz your a gorgeous nut <3

  2. Your so crazy Rin! Love you !! Shawn: “I’m receiving a psychic transmission from your husband… it’s really more of a voicemail if I’m being honest, a status update… perhaps a twitter.”
    Gus: “I believe it’s called a tweet.”
    Shawn: “There’s no way I’m saying that.”
    Love you i had a blast!(=

    1. hehehe. I luv u back Tabbi! <3
      LOL!!! xD xD Shawn and Gus are epic, yes? <3

  3. :) Wow! A game that's like six+ hours long? That is CRAZY! lol sounds like you had a BLAST :) Luv you! Great pictures! :D

    1. Ikr?? It *is* crazy! lol.
      Luv you back!!! <3


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