Tuesday, February 7, 2012

doodles and life!

here are my first two doodles that I did for The Sailors Doodle Challenge! :D lol. Feel free to laugh! I don't consider myself an artist. xD
Day 1! This is me. Well, sorta. lol! <3

Day 2!
And here is my bestie! <3 She is so gorgeous. I couldn't draw her pretty enough so I got as close as I could with my lack of artistic skillz. xD ^_^ <3 <3

I don't think I posted the actual challenge that the Sailor put together, but here are the rules if you want to join us!!! ^_^ 

Day 1: Doodle yourself! 
Day 2: Doodle your best friend! 
Day 3: Doodle something you love! 
Day 4: Doodle your favorite quote! 
Day 5: Doodle something you want to change in the world!
Day 6: Doodle something from History! 
Day 7: Doodle your favorite pair of socks!
:D Yup.
So yesterday all us girls (Mum, Me, Jonnah, Leah, and Jeri.) + Ethan got to do some shopping at the mall! Mom had a Chiro appointment so we just went before. I am broke and didn't find anything that I had to have bad enough to borrow money for but Jonnah found some great stuff! We had a blast. :) <3 It did make for more school than usual today though 'cause I had some catching up to do. That wasn't so bad though. The only bad part was Algebra. uuughhhh......oh well. 
It has been such a dreary day...kinda lazy. It's been really cold out with dark, low clouds covering up the sunshine...I wish there was rain. I love Summer rainstorms when it is warm outside and you can just go sit in the rain and hear the soft thunder rumbling in the distance...ok. Yeah. Rambling. 
I can't wait for Summer to come back. :) 
I'm sorry this is a short post! But it is dinner time and dad needs the computer. <3!! 
Luv2uAll!! <3 <3 



  1. awe! we're both cute ;) I can't believe you turned out cross eyed in my pic of you. phaha. oh well...Maybe I could fix it. :P
    gah! I HATE algebra! bla. its ghastly stuff.
    Glad you've had a good week so far! <333

  2. :D Thanx! They were fun to do. ^_^ <3 <3

    can u believe I was looking for a "like" button to that comment and I don't even have a facebook?
    I'm silly.

  3. Ahhhh your doodles are soo cool! Baha, same here- I totally don't consider myself a good artist either. Like, I haven't even posted a doodle for day 2 of the challenge because the doodle of my sister was so bad that she said I shouldn't post it. xD Baha. Oh well.
    & Glad you've having a great week! Hope the sun comes out soon! :)

    1. xD Thanks, Kate! LOL! That is so funny! <3
      I hope so too. :)


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