Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy valentines day!!

I love Valentines day. I have heard people say that they hate it, or that they don't care but maybe they will when they have a boyfriend/husband...I don't have either and I think that Valentines day is a fantastic holiday! Here is a great quote from my Sis-in-law, Jenna from earlier today. :D

"Ok if you are single...stop being so selfish...find a person that is special to you and make them your Valentine! C'mon we have all been there once or twice...I always used to make my niece and nephew's my valentines! Um they are single too...and can't help it if they are just young. There is my Holiday rant. lol" 

Haha!! Isn't that great? hehe. It made me giggle.
My Mum put together an awesome nacho buffet with Brownies and Ice Cream for our Valentines dinner and My mum and my dad gave all us kids darling little Valentine notes with candy and goodies. :D They are so sweet. ^_^

b'sides all that. I have been deathly ill the past few days. Well, Maybe not deathly...I've had some headaches and a sore throat and a cough. :D I think I'll live. lol. Anyways, It hasn't been so bad except that I am behind on school now because I have been to sick to do any. And I missed the snow.
It snowed here yesterday! Not enough to cover the ugly brown grass in the yard, but it was snow anyways. This afternoon it all melted and now it is just cold and muddy outside. *sigh* I hate cold and muddy. If I had my choice on what weather it would be all the time, it would be 78-80 degrees most of the time with a few 64-68 days so that I can wear a hoodie. ^_^ Wouldn't that be amazing??
I still haven't gotten around to my Day 3 doodle. I think I'll do that tomorrow. :D I haven't decided what I'm gonna do for it yet...
this might be the most boring post ever, but I figured I'd write one anyways cos I haven't in a while and cos I don't have any emails to reply to! lol. That is unusual.
I am looking for a new background for my blog. I am really horrid at making decisions though. It'll prolly take me forever to actually find one I like after trying 6 or 7 different ones. lol.
ok this is dumb. I prolly shouldn't post it cos it's so boring but I will anyways. Blargh.



  1. I just mentally "like" your whole post..its a shame there's no like button on here we can click. <3

  2. Rin, your so pretty! #totallyjealous #<3this background!


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