Thursday, July 14, 2011

Today has been awesome. ^_^ I love days when I feel like I have accomplished something! lol. I have redone a dress that I didn't care for and made is something I love, I have spent time practicing (yes, real practice! lol) my violin, Messing around on my guitar, playing with my birdie, and baking. ^_^

Here are some pix of the dress I redid! Mom helped a lot. lol. I am not a great seamstress and don't have a lot of patience. anywho, Here are before and after pictures.

Before: It was an awkward length that I really hated and the sleeves were a's. lol. :D
AFTER!!! SO much better! It is a dolly length and the sleeves are perfect. I kinda wish I had taken a pic of the back! It is so pretty....It laces up in the back. I didn't do that though lol. It was already that way. Anyways. Better no?! :D
I LOVE it! It is really thin material too so it is very light and summery. lemme know what u think! 
I also made cheesecake brownies earlier.......They were SO yum. :D And exactly what I needed. lol. I better run now. After I upload some random pix. ^_^ I need to go eat some dinner and help clean up the kitchen. And hopefully chat with Nonii later on this evening. <3 <3 luvluv! 
Nedward! He is so beyond adorable!!!!!!! <3

"Like Father like Son" lol! Get 'im Nedned!!

Elaina Jael!! XOXO such a sweet little fatty!! <3 <3

<3 <3 <3 <3  My Gavie. <3 <3 <3 <3 

I WANNA GO!!!!!!

This is from last fall.....It made me want 70 degrees again!! lol.

Balian.  I miss that kitty. <3 


  1. Oooohhh!! Thats tute!! I love it! You make me wanna start working on my dress! Lol :D lovutuns!

  2. Thanks Nonii!!! I was trying to be creative like you. ^_^ You inspire me! :D And u should! I want to make one for real now....I love wearing short dresses and only have a couple!! ^_^ but there are a LOT of projects I am wanting to start right now. lol. I think I should wait. hehe.


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