Monday, July 25, 2011


More pictures! :) These are from when Jase was 1 1/2-2 years old and Joshua was brand new. These are mostly pictures from when Dad was stationed in Japan. ^_^  I really do wish the quality of these was better. They are mostly lovely pictures in the album. Out camera just doesn't take good photos. 'Specially of photos. :D lol.
Gramma and Grandad. <3 <3 This is before Mum and dad went to Japan.

Jared(left) and Joseph(right). They were so stinkin' cute. :D :D <3

Gramma. SO pretty and classy. ^_^ <3

Gramma and Grandad's house! I love that place...

Mom's AMAZING dog!! Her name was Liza Dane. :D

hehehe. <3

Mum and Swanee (My Great Grandad)

This is at a zoo in japan. Isn't that kool!? We don't have a rhino in our zoo *pout*. lol. ^_^
Dad and Jase @ the zoo.

We do have tigers though! lol. They are so gorgeous.

Holy cats.

This is possibly one of the cutest things I have ever seen!! :D :D
And I think this looks a LOT like Nedward.....:D

Christmas '85

wow. <3

I LOVE this one!! :D :D
Christmas '85

Christmas '85

I love Jason's face here. :D

haha!! So cute! :D

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Pregnant with Joshua! :D

I absolutely adore this photo

and this reminds me of Gavie! <3 <3

Joshua!! <3 so sweet! ^_^

um, before Joshua. :D lol. This is before mom's C-Section.

<3 <3 <3 I love the nightgown mom is wearing in this pic. It's so cute!

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
The boys. ^_^

Isn't Josh Tiny?? :D another fave.

LOL! It cracks me up how exactly alike their profiles are!!!
leetle beety Joshua. <3 <3

I can't decide if this is "peace" or "two" lol. :D <3 <3


Ack! so 'dorable!


Fat Beebee. :)

This weekend has been SO busy! Friday Micah, Jonnah, and I went to work with Dean and Q picked us up there so that we could help Jo and Him paint the new house. Saturday, Dean, Micah, me, and Jonnah went to help Josh and Ty move. It was a pretty fun two days! Exhausting! but fun. :D
Yesterday was Micah's birthday party! :D He chose shepherd's pie and biscuits and peaches and cream cobbler and Vanilla Ice cream. :D It was soooo good. :D :D The party was funn. We just hung out and had fun! :D Micah was so funny and cute. He always is. Anywho, after the party Dean, Micah, Jonnah, and I went to hang out @ Jase and Toni's for the evening. They weren't able to be at church or the party that day cos Jase has been so sick. :( So we went over there. The guys played LoL and Us girls watched us some Psych! :D We laughed so hard all evening! I took some peaches and cream cobbler over and Toni made cookies so we had snacks and we had a blast. :D We got home around 11 and went right to bed. I was exhausted.
Today has been....pretty boring! lol. Dad and Micah have been working out at Jase and Toni's "barn" trying to help get it ready to move into, Nathanael has been watching old mysteries all day, The little kids just got done playing in the kiddie pool a little while ago, and I have taken the longest nap I prolly ever have, lol. It was nice though. Mom and Jonnah are working on Dinner, Dad is on the other comp, Dean is home, the kids are playing.....yep. Boring! lol. I am bushed. Anywho. I had better git. I am out of computer time for today and I need to help out with dinner. ^_^ <3 <3 <3 ttyls!


  1. Love the pictures...I hope there will be some of Aaron soon to come? I love the one of Ron and Jase sleeping (profile shot).

  2. lol Jen. :D yes, Aaron is next ^_^ I am trying to go in order of the kids. :D That means I'm not for a good while. O.o lol! :D
    I love old pix. I am having so much fun going through them all and posting them. ^_^ <3 <3


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