Sunday, July 3, 2011

4th of July weekend!!!!!!!

I LOVE SUMMER!!! And the 4th of July is one of my very favorite holidays ever. Next to Christmas which is next to my birthday. :D My birthday is a holiday right?? ;) This past weekend has been so much fun. :D Saturday we went to the Faith, Family, Freedom celebration at Liberty Faith church. It's the first time I've been and it was funn!! the little kids had a blast with Jonnah and Sarah Baker taking them to the huge slides and bouncy houses and getting soaked and climbing the hay pyramid!!! 'course, I have to say *I* loved that Hay pyramid!! It was so much fun to climb and it was SO high at the top!! I climbed it like 4 times. lol. There were also tunnels crisscrossing underneath it! Those were a little claustrophobic.....but fun! :D The fireworks were awesome! There was a TON!! It was insane. We got to hear the Links play too. :) That's always fun. ^_^
So, we are without a van! Yesterday we were driving to Norwood and got all the way to the top of the Norwood exit when the van made a really nasty creepy sound and died. O.o So we sat there for a minute and mom called dad and figured she would cal roadside service to get help with it. Just about then Mr. Stafford drove up and asked if we needed any help then he drove off the get a truck to tow us with. :D After we go towed to a parking spot, a tractor with a trailer with hay bales on it (that is what they used for shuttles. They were pretty cute. ^_^) Came and drove us over to the church. It turned out though that there was a mixup with getting roadside service and we didn't have any! O.o again. So mom called around and the Links offered to take us to Marshfield in their bus. Well, at first we were like "nah." Cos we don't live there anymore and we figured dad would have to come get us and we'd have to leave early which would have been a bugger! But then mom had the awesome idea of getting to Marshfield with the Links then taking the Bakers van home. And it worked out perfect! I love having friends that are so willing to give up time and effort to help us! It is a blessing! ^_^
After the fireworks we got all packed up and the Links got all packed up and we all squished onto their bus! I love riding in buses. :D :D :D *so* much fun! So most of us piled on the couch and I sat next to Katie Greer and Across from Kyle and Ashley and everyone else was to the right of me and it was packed! lol. It was fun though! They are a such a fun group. We talked about hunting, eating, Summer activities, movies, and odd talents!! :D :D It was hilarious. And I have to say, I am flipping jealous of Aaron's guitar skillz!! He is so good! :D
Anywho, The Links dropped us off at the church across from the Bakers house where Jon and Emilee were waiting with the van. after we all got in we drove to Kum 'n' Go for drinks then McDonalds for Chicken Nuggets. :) We got home about midnight and all the kids were bushed! :D
This morning was church then pot-luck afterward. After lunch was soccer and volleyball and such. It was fun. :) And tomorrow is the parade on the Marshfield square! A bunch of us from church are going to hand out tracts and see the parade. We didn't get a booth on the square this year so that should be odd. lol. The tent is usually the hangout point. It should be fun though! I love the parade. And Marshfield has a pretty good one! Besides the school bands........Honestly, I can't stand marching bands. Any of them. :P After the party on the square I think we are all going back to the church for pizza and hanging out. :D I love Summer. <3 I didn't get any pictures today but I have a few from yesterday that I'm gonna post. We were going to do fireworks tonight but a storm just popped up and it is WAY too windy for fireworks! So I think Dean is going to get a movie and we'll do Fireworks on the 4th!! :D Happy 4th of July, folks! Have a GREAT week! <3 <3

Ethan and Jeri! <3

Bean on the pyramid!

That's inside. and That's Samuel. lol.

Sarah and Aerial!

Me an' Em :)

Joni and Sarah! <3

Jonnah, Me, and Emilee!

Nice face Aerial!! lol!


<3 <3 Happy 4th <3 <3

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