Friday, July 8, 2011

More pictures....

:D :D :D I love pictures. In case anyone wondered. And since I don't have a Facebook I have to put them all on here! Actually, only a FEW go on here! lol. Enjoy!

BCF @ the square!! :D

^_^ The kiddos

hehe. <3
Fireworks at the house. :)



Micah and the Babies!

Playing my guitar! <3 it was Carolina in the Pines I think.....I love that one. ^_^

out @ the shed!
MY PUPPY!!! <3 Her name is Yiddy. lol. or Liddy. ^_^ Depends on who u ask! ;)

Good ol' Allie! <3 <3

Isn't she CUTE!? ^_^

a 'dorable pic of Leah!!! <3

I love that hat....and that hoodie.....:D

Doodle Jumper. Yep. I am *so* addicted. AND THE CHAMPION!!!!! BWAHAHA!!! (for reals. I ave the high score! ^_^)


I had a great 4th of July weekend! :D The parade was a ton of fun. Even more so because Abigail was there!!!!!!! :D I was so glad to see her again! We had a great time. :D After parade we went to church and all ate piza and played games and hung out. Then, when we came home we shot off the fireworks we had and had a lot of fun. :D Then was Tuesday.....and Back to normal life....*sigh*
:D We have all been sorta sick that past few days but I think we're finally getting over it! I have been so bored today! lol. It has just felt forever long! I took a walk even! :D sam and I messed around on the tire swing for a LONG time this afternoon then spent a while Lizard hunting. We found a great one but it escaped into the wood pile....then we found a loverly blue salamander that also got away. :(
And we have new neighbors!! :D Right across the fence in our front yard the neighbors moved a whole herd of horses out there!! There is one giant paint that is SO pretty! They haven't hung around a lot......Allie doesn't like them. :P I'm hoping that Allie won't mind them after a while though so that I can pet them over the fence. I love horses. ^_^
Anywho. That's about it. :D I need to go help clean the kitchen and get dinner finished. TTFN folks!!! <3 <3

 If any of you have never been to Mudhouse....YOU SHOULD!!! It is AMAZING!!! :D And this is for a $10 gift certificate that you can get for $5!! :D I recommend the Frozen Grasshopper.....^_^ <3   These are only good at the Down-town location.


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