Friday, June 28, 2013

Lyrics....Friday. O.o

Yep. But hey, I wanted to post. And these lyrics came to mind....
{Go hit play on the video before you read...}

Well I sat down next to a photograph
Tried my best almost made her laugh
She was my toughest crowd
There in the way was a moutain up in the clouds

Well I can't sleep and I'm not in love
I can't speak without messing up
Eyes tell of what's behind
And hers showed the way to a long and lonely climb
But through failure I'll proceed
And she'll see how far I've come

And it's you and me in the sun and sea
I'll offer my arms to yours
It seems to me, no mystery
it isn't
So I'll try hard to speak

Well I sat down next to a living hell
Tried my best until I struck out
Movement is not mine
I stood in the way pretending that I was the vine
But no failure will proceed from a mouth that drinks it's wine 

And it's not me
Not my sanctity
These aren't my words to you
It's all clear when it's not from here
So clear
So I'll try not to speak


{Seriously. Listen.}

It's been a long week. 
I'm looking forward to it being over. 
I need a new week. 




  1. Three things;1. the first and second picture are flawlessly perfect. 2. the words are perfect. 3. Are you okay? I loved this post. And I miss hearing from you, but I also know you posted a post that you later deleted, and I know you probably deleted it because it was too personal, but I want to make sure you're okay? I'm sorry you're going through a tough week darling<3 Keep your chin up, and your eyes above.

    Joshua 1:9
    "Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go."

    I hope your next week goes better! I'll pray that it does. :)

  2. I really really love that song. It's super pretty. And you always pick lovely pictures. I don't want to copy Sophie's comment, so I'll just say that I am praying for you and don't let a rough week get you down, m'dear. We all love ya! :D :D :D :D :D <3 xoxoxox
    God bless

  3. ack. i love this song so much. i remember when i first heard it, we had gotten the "reasons why" CD, and it came with a DVD of music videos, and the music video for Speak was on it, and i about died. and it wasn't on the album! haha. yeh, anyways, probably my fave NC song right there. ^_^


  4. Love that song a lot :) It's amazing.


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