Wednesday, October 2, 2013

pointless post!

Hey! It's wednesday! 
I like Wednesday. 
I don't know why.... I just do. 

Can you believe it's OCTOBER!? 
The craziest of soup. 
Like The Chronicles of Narnia:The Silver Chair movie I see they're making??

 Did I tell you why I decided to keep my blog? 
Because I love it. 
But I've resolved not to "try" with this blog. 
:) I used to want to be like the other bloggers I admire so much who always have the prettiest pictures, and the most meaningful, deep posts, or something creative going on, or something...that're just beautiful, you know?
I'm not that kind of blogger, though. lol. So if that's what you like you'll hate my blog. 
I'm random and weird and uncreative and crazy and that's how I'mma blog since it's what I do best. ^_^ 
Oh, you guys!! It's National Pointless Post day! Yeah. Noni (On A String. Best blog ever in case you haven't checked it out.) just said so. So there. Go see her pointless post. It's better than mine.
post a pointless post. 
do it. 

{P.S. wanna join an epic giveaway!? Cait over at My Unicorn Has Wings put together something seriously awesome. Go look!! <3}


  1. aldfjkasdf.


    i like you. and this is an epic pointless post. ^_^

  2. I admire your honesty and willingness to not try. lol! Seriously, blogging is such a pain and a chore if it's focused on trying to be like other's blogs. Where's the fun in that?

  3. YOU TOO? YOU TOO? NO... JUST STOP... STOP.... STOP POSTING PICTURES OF LOKI AND TOM HIDDLESTON. I LOVE HIM TOO MUCH AND MY HEART IS BREAKING FROM ALL THE LOVE I HOLD FOR HIM... Hahhaha. Okay, just kidding. But really, I rather enjoy posts featuring him. And I know! The Narnia movieblew my mind, I thought they gave up. I thought they had stopped. Also, I like Wednesdays too. You're not a lone. You got me, and the Camel as well who loves Hump day.

    1. YEESSS!!!!! TOOOMMMMMNOMNOM!!! I love him WAY too much. :D hahaha.
      <3 <3 <3 :D

  4. Oh good, I did a pointless post too, so I am good 8-D

    They...they...they are really making The Silver Chair? For real? I think....I think I might have to faint or something. First the new Hobbit trailer and now this. My geeky heart can't take this kind of overload. If I stop breathing send someone to revive me because I want to see both movies and I can't do that if I'm not breathing.

    Welcome aboard my ship! Nice to have you as part of the crew.

    Coulson is cute!!! I love him even more after watching SHIELD. He is just SO cool and his sense of humor is so dry and he just goes around like, "Whatever, I don't really care what is going on but I'll join you because I have nothing better to do and then I'll save everyone while I'm at it." I now have to watch episode two 8-D


    And yes, I just said woogles. I think I just made up a new word.

    I can't believe it's October.

    I also cannot believe they're actually making another Narnia movie. *cue Olan Rogers dancing movie*

    Ohh I LOVE your blog the way it is, random! Thanks for not trying, because I like it the way you have it. Sometime we need a unique blogger, ya know?? :D

    1. WOOGLES. I like it. ;)

      :D Thanks, Treskers! :D <3


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