Tuesday, July 16, 2013

One for the Whovians!

Yep. Just because I freaking love Doctor Who. 
And I have Doctor Who stuff to show off. 

Please excuse the cheesy awful selfie in the messy room. I took it in a hurry the other day and was too lazy to get a decent one. ;) :D

My newest piece of Doctor Who fandom!! Bought it at Hot Topic last weekend!! *eek*! SO proud of it. yes. 

Here is the fingernail polish job I did this morning!! I'm obsessed with anything British and my friend found a great tutorial on how to do these fingernails and I *had* to try it. :D Whatcha think? And, of course, how else to model these fingernails than with a Sonic Screwdriver and amazing DW t-shirt?? :) 

how I feel every time I use my srewdriver. ;)

Let's all just take a while to recollect ourselves after seeing that hair.............




Ten is still wearing Nine's coat. ^_^

You read it in his voice, didn't you. ;) 

Annnnnd one for the Eleve people. lol. Sorry. As you can tell I'm slightly partial to Ten.... <3 
I do love this moment between Eleven and River. :D So cute and so true to themselves. 
<3 <3 ^_^ <3 <3 

Yes. There was some random Doctor Who spamming. 
You're welcome. 
I haven't gone and spammed Doctor Who in way too long. 

Have a fabulous week!!


P.S. Thanks for all your dolly comments in the last post. ^_^ I haven't decided yet if I'll stay or no... It's all undecided right now. :) 

P.P.S. This: 

Also, his cover of Adele's "Turning Tables" with "Someone Like You" is one of my favorites. :) 


  1. Ooh, love love love! Gosh, you're so pretty :)

    1. d'aww! Thanks, Clair!! :) <3

  2. Just wow... I"m SO jealous! That's adorable!! (but... I have a sonic screwdriver too. As well as a TARDIS and a Companion Emergency Kit, so I think we're about equal in nerdiness?? :D)

    I would never have the patience (or enough fingernail) to do that to my nails. Duly impressed. Yours look awesome!

    That moment between River and Eleven sums up their relationship perfectly, doesn't it!? :D

    THAT COVER IS AWESOME! He has a beauteous voice.

    You're welcome for the comments. lol... I mean, it's up to you either way, but I'd rather you stay... or if you must go, don't stay away forever, please. :D

    1. haha! Thanks!! :D I love it! It's way shorter than it looks in the pictures. :) I wear it with skinny jeans and it's so freaking cute! ^_^
      haha yeah, I think we do. ^_^ <3

      Thanks! I'm kind of obsessed with fingernail polish recently. It was a blast. :D


      ikr? He's amazing.
      And I don't plan on leaving forever. ;) lol

  3. :-) I love this post! And I am not even a whovian.... Although I think I want to become one ;-) also... Peter.... *love* LOVE!!!

    1. You really ought to....

  4. GAH!! I just found your awesome blog!! I'm thrilled to death that your love Tom Hiddleston and Doctor Who!! I LOVE your merchandise!! Totally awesome. I really want to get me a sonic soon, too. ~Mary Jane

    1. Heeey! :D Glad you like it! Yes, Tom and the Doctor are my two true loves. ;) ^_^ <3 Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!! <3

  5. Ten's hair....all rumpled. Something fangirls never get tired of seeing.

    ACK!!! You have a sonic screwdriver!!!!!! I'm going to touch it!!!! (I've been eyeing them every time I go into Barnes and Nobles. It is only a matter of time now, and then I shall have my own. MAWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Fear Whovains and their sonic screwdrivers!!!!!)

    1. ikr?

      hahaha. :D Yes, I do. It's now one of my prized possessions. It's not a super accurate replica so I'm hoping to get a better one soon, but for now it'll do. ^_^
      {really RinksiiJoy just in her other account. lol}

  6. Replies
    1. hahahaha!! Thayne! "Is it comfortable". xD You're hilarious. Yes, It's just skinny jeans and a dress. The dress is super thin and awesome feeling, too. lol. It's perfectly comfortable. :D
      {RinskiiJoy because I'm too lazy to sign into my blogger account...}


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