Sunday, October 6, 2013

There's an app for that.

I got the blogger app on my iPhone. :D what's this look like?? 

Not Tom. I meant the post. I already know Tom looks fantastic. ;)



  1. the post looks gorgeous.
    but that's prolly cos tom is in it.
    no, really. it looks great. ^_^

  2. *dies*

    Hel-lo. I am Sophie's robot who was designed to take the place of Sophie if she were to die. I was with her when she died, and she died due to not being able to handle the awesomeness of that picture of Tom Hiddleston in this post. So, I regret to reform you, that you are, indeed the cause of her death. Thanks, a lot. Thanks a lot...

    (Heehee, just kidding, obviously. XD haha. But seriously! WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME. TO MY POOR LITTLE HEART. Haha. Okay, I'm done now. In fact, I am actually grateful for the picture. It made my day.)

  3. Post looks great! No little white boxes.

    I wonder if Tom's awesomeness sent them away?? :D

  4. He looks so serious.....but then they talk to him and he sounds so funny in real life. I think he would be one of the few actors who it would actually be a lot of fun to meet.


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