Friday, September 20, 2013

Oh, Hello!

Hiya! So... yeah. I guess I don't wanna stop blogging. lol. I have a lot to catch up on, and I'm going to be slow starting back up, but I think I'd rather get back to it than just going away entirely. Plus, I miss Treskie, Soph, Jack, and Lacey. 

Here's my first post as of coming back. :) 
Shall we catch up a little? 

Obsessed with - The Imagine Dragons song at the end of this post.
                - Hamburgers

Excited for - New baby nephew and nephew or niece on the way.
             - Being back to taking private violin lessons again
                                              - Autumn! Sweaters, Salted Caramel Mochas, boots, leggings, scarves, and coats. <3 *yes*
                                             - Thor 2, Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Doctor Who 50th anniversary special.

New with me - Having my license and driving myself everywhere.
                                             - Not currently having a crush... Yep. That's new for me. It's rather bizarre and strange feeling. O.o  :)
                                                - Thinking about college. Yeah. :P Blech. Don't want to go at all, but I'm dying to be in an orchestra again and college seems tobe the only way to do that. Plus, it can't be that bad, right? *unsure smile*

So yeh. Some lifey-ish stuff there. How are you all?? Gosh I've missed you. :) 
Excited to be back! 

Loooooooove you! 


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  1. i started clapping with olan and dan just killed me.
    cooollleeggee?!?!? say waa?
    this is new for me. :p

    hehe, i love you! <3

    1. haha! No it isn't! Didn't I tell you?? 'Cause I wanted to join the orchestra but would have to take all the freaking other classes? I'm sure I told you.... :/ :D <3

  2. I haven't had a crush for ages, I can't even remember what it feels like.


  3. HI! Hi hi hi hi hi hi hi!

    I haven't watched any Danisnotonfire. But he's kinda... attractive, so maybe I shall... you know... look him up.

    Aaaaah, my sisters are both expecting too. I'm so *'cited*

    I still don't have my license.

    You don't have a crush on anyone!? Holy.... that's not fair. Hehehe! I actually thought I was getting over that hormonal crush thing, I didn't have one for ages. And then... then we started this new show. And I fell *Hard* like, I haven't had a crush like this in years. LOL. And I'm like, "Nope. Not over it. Deeeaaaaaan!" heheh!

    College!? You brave little soldier! lol.

    That gif of Olan Rogers made my day. I sat there giggling like a fool for way longer than I should have.

    1. Kind of attractive doesn't even cover the beginning of his epic hotness. It's disturbing how perfect he is. *_*

      haha Not on anyone irl. I have plenty of Celeb crushes! The two top being Tom Hiddleston and Dan Howell. :):) :)

      yeah, maybe. :P I may have found a way out of it, though. xD :D

      hehe. ikr?

  4. AHHHH OH YOU. WELCOME BACK. I ENJOYED THIS QUITE A BIT BECAUSE I ENJOY SHARING IN FANDOM LOVES AND SCREAMS. LIKE TOM HIDDLESTON, IMAGINE DRAGONS, THOR 2 AND DR.WHO JUST YES YES YES. So yeah, im glad you're back<3 I don't know when ill be back back, but I saw your comment on my blog so I decided to see if you posted and you did:D

    1. :D hahaha. YES!!! <3 I'm so glad you did!! :D :D

  5. Hi, I'm a rather new follower. I love your blog!!!

    TOM HIDDLESTON!!! <3 <3 Doctor Who! How excited are you that David and Billie are back for it? FREAKING YES!! :D

    1. Hiya!! why, thanks! ^_^

      YES! Ohmygosh I'm like, screaming-running-in-circles-freaking-out-throwing-confetti-and-dancing excited. A freaking lot excited. :D

      Welcome to my bloggy! Thanks for following! :)

  6. I love imagine dragons. Olan Rogers and Tom Hiddleston make me happy. Good for you! I don't really like anyone either, it's weird at first, but then so freeing. :) Oh college, I'm starting to think about it as well...

    1. :D It's totally freeing not to be crushing on anyone. I've decided I rather like it. :)

  7. Okay, VERY glad you are still around! I was a bit worried that, since there was never a new post whenever I came by, you were leaving us. You're not allowed to do that. Your evil overlord forbids it.

    Thor Two!!! YES!!!! And the 50th!

    College is scary, and filled with math. But, it does help in getting degrees and such. I hope you can decide if you want to go or not.

    And....welcome back!!!!!


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