Monday, July 30, 2012


That is so depressingly accurate. :P We've had practically NO rain at all this Summer. 
It looks like it finally might rain tonight. The sky is clouded over and it's slightly windy. It's beautiful. ^_^ 
I really hope it does rain.... 

These are my newest ABSOLUTELY MUST HAVE want. Agh. They're so amazing. :D I'm a Converse fanatic and a Dr. Who lover. :D It's winwinwin. I think I saw these on Etsy...I should go back and see how much, cos I really want 'em. oh gosh. found 'em. $135.00. Geeeez. :P Oh well. Maybe I'll be rich someday 
and be able to buy Dr. Who converse. 

I'm tired. really tired. but I'm having a loverly evening wathing Dr. who with the fam, Chatting with Nonii, and waiting for the rain. :) <3 
I hope you all are having a good evening too. I'm sorry this blog has been so lame lately. 
As soon as life gets slightly back to normal I'll (hopefully) be blogging more often and more interesting. I haven't had the time or brain energy to put any ideas or care into it. :P 
G'night folks. 



  1. i wish i had the right paints...i might try and paint you some Dr. Who converse.. <3

  2. hoping you get some rain your way girl! fingers crossed ;)
    xo TJ


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