Thursday, July 5, 2012

Independence Day happenings.

Yesterday was fantastic. From the time I woke up to the time I went to bed. :) 

We all got up and out the door pretty early to be in Marshfield for the annual 4th of July Parade. It was a really long parade this year, 'course, it always is on Election years. It was super fun though. The sports cars and horses and clowns were great. We didn't have as many clowns as usual this year though. I was bummed. :) The little kids loved all of it. There was SO much candy. lol. 
Little kiddos!
mah people.

A photo I was pretty proud of. :D

looovely Camaro

Daddy and Mummy. <3 
After the Parade we all went to the church to clean up from Sunday and to eat Sloppy Joes and chips. After we got the church cleaned up jonni an' me went over the some Friends house for swimming, ice-cream, and psych! That was totally fuuun. :D I wish I had pictures from that...
We rode back to town with the Bakers to My sisters house for hotdogs and ice cream. We all ate 'til we were stuffed then just had a good time visiting and listening to firecrackers and such. 



From there we walked to the Battlefield Park to watch the city fireworks. They had a lot of fun stuff to do! There were bouncy houses and rock walls and consessions and all kinds of kool stuff. Some of us teens walked around for a while looking and everything and everybody and watching my crazy brothers fight with styrofoam...uh...logs. lol. 

The fireworks were fantastic. Not on ly the city ones, but the ones EVERYWHERE! There was not a direction we could look where there weren't explosions of clolor! It was beautiful. I wish my camera was better, because the little cybershot I have felt very inadequite for the amount of beauty I was trying to capture! lol. It did ok though. :) 

Sarah B., My littlest brother Ethan, and my littlest sister Jerusha. 

"It's a Spaghetti Bomb!!!"-Ethan
We walked back to Jo and Q's house from the park. That was one of my farorite parts of the whole day. There were people EVERYWHERE, fireworks going off in every direction(sometimes on the street next to us making half of us squeak. lol), and laughing all the way home. It was loverly. 
I love my country so much. 
"God shed His Grace on Thee" 

How was your Fourth of July? 



  1. I love the up-close pics of the flower and the watermelon! You have a good eye:) How fun!

  2. I agree! Love the flag/flower pic best. And some of the firework pics look professional! Nice. Looks like you had a fantastic day! *-*

    1. :))) Thank you! <3 I did have a fantastic day. :D


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