Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Meet Cookie and Pie. My kittens. 
Well, my family's kittens...But I like to call them mine. ^_^ 
In case you're wondering, they were named by two of my adorable little nieces. 

Ms. Cookie. She's the sweetest little thing....

She thought my camera strap was yummy. 

Mr. Pie. ^_^ He kept patting the lense on my camera when he heard it click. 

He's so pretty!!! 

Those eyes....

Cookie and me. 
Yes, I do kiss cats. It's not gross. 
I pretty much love cats. A lot. :D lol. <3 
We've never been able to keep a house cat, unfortunately. Mum is very allergic to them. I'm so glad I've never been allergic to animals! 
Actually, I don't think I'm really allergic to anything. I'm not even allergic to poison-ivy as far as I know...
Maybe pineapple. I think I may be slightly allergic to fresh pineapple. It makes the roof of my mouth raw. it's so worth it though! :D It's prolly my favorite fruit to eat raw. :D 
Dude, Have you ever had one of the Sonic Pineapple Shakes?? ohmyword. Those are sooo good. Plus, After 8:00, the mini size (*perfectamount*) is only $1. *WIN* mm-hm. I want one now....
Went to the zoo today. :) It was gorgeous outside. :D I took like, a kabillion pictures...Don't feel like editing them......or saying "I" at the beginning of sentences. 
This chair is really comfy. 
Yeah....This post didn't really turn out like I expected...

{ (^^^) }


  1. i'm not a huge cat person, but these pictures are absolutely adorable!!!!
    xo TJ

  2. OMG!! they have gotten wayyy cuter than when i saw them..these are the same, no?
    <3 luvluv!

    1. ikr!? Yes, same kitties. :D They just keep gettin' cuter! <3

  3. LOve This Dear! i enjoyed seeing it, Thanks For Posting ! ♥


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