Monday, July 16, 2012

Comfy Day...

Mondays are much nicer in the Summertime....I hate them during the rest of the year. 
They're like, the weekend's funeral. 

Anywho, Today has been pretty nice, overall. :D I love it when Mondays are nice. 
The only not nice thing would be the fact that I hit my hand on the corner of a shelf and it tore my skin and it hurts. :P But I'm pretty much over that...

On the upside, I'm wearing basketball shorts and a hoodie, my hair is twised up pretty cute, I have another cup of coffee, I'm chatting with my Bestie, and my fingernails are painted an amazing shiny red color...

Plus, I'm itching to do this adorable DIY by Dana over at Wonder Forest! 

It's so cute (and EASY) I'm gonna die. 
Happy Monday, blogger friends! <3 <3 
{mebbe I got a litte carried away with the edits? fun though! ^_^ }



  1. Haha, that pic is great! I like summer Mondays too. :D Glad your day has been so great!!! <3 <3 *_*

  2. my monday was crazy! i like mondays all year 'round. <3

  3. hahaha, mondays are like weekend funerals. absolutely hilarious!
    xo TJ


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