Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Dresser...

So, The other day I had this creepy fit of need-to-organize-my-dressertop-or-die.
Which is definitely odd for me. I don't organize. lol. 
It may have had something to do with the fact that I could pick something up off of it without something else falling off or something tipping over...either that all my favorite coffee mugs were sitting on it partially full of old coffee...hm...anyways. I am very proud of myself. 'cause it's orderly now. 
So proud of myself, that I'm putting up pictures. lol. :D
Welcome to a tour of my dressertop. 

I haz a lot of stuff, I know. I can't bring myself to part with any of it is why. I even took a box in there to try and get rid of/pack away some of my things....uh..no good. I'm a helpless packrat. 

bottom shelf (ignore the dust please. I can only do so much.)
jewelry boxes, random makeups, and such.

right side of the shelves: Various music/school/notebooks, folded up PotC flag (folded up due to lackage of wall-space), water bottle, piggybank, and minidresser full of who-the-heck-knows-what. 

Middle shelf. awesome shtuff. 

like such. :D Glass triangle full of beautiful shells and sand, charm bracelet, creek glass, treasure box, antique keys, and...a rock...prolly from a little sibling or something..idk. 

top shelf and my loverly framed Sparrow. 

nail polish, Hoops and yoyo calendar w/the wrong date, federated music club trophy, random plant pot full of more stuff that didn't have a different place. 

bottles and cans and creams and lotions. :D 

Left side of the dresser: jewelry wall!! <3 I wuv it. 

^_^ My sparrow. Big Sis made this for a friend's baby shower a while back and I begged her for it 'cause I love it. lol. 
<3 xox <3 



  1. i likes your dresser.
    and i likes that sparrow. <3

  2. Haha, at least you have shelves.

    You don't have to call it junk...

    ... call it dresser accessories!


    1. lol! Ikr? It's a good thing I do have the shelves or I'd really have trouble finding places for everything.

      Dresser accessories. I like that. xD Thank you, I will. ^_^ <3

  3. Love the jewelry wall! I really need to figure something out for my necklaces and stuff . . .

    1. Thank you! I love it. I used to have all my jewelry tossed in a box and it was a pain to find anything...My older sister used to use a cork billboard for hers instead of the wall. I love that idea too exept I didn't have room for one. :P

  4. So very neat, Rae!!! :D Loved seeing those things! You have some pretty odds and ends. I LOVE odds and ends.

    1. Thank you! I love odds and ends too. :D Mum can't stand the amount of worthless stuff I have! lol. It's hilarious. I love it all though. <3


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