Thursday, May 3, 2012

the Muddled thoughts of a kid with a cold that won't go away...

Summer is almost here. Just a few more weeks of school left to go.
I hate swimsuit shopping. 
I'm really sick of this dang cold!! I'm done coughing and blowing my nose. 
We all went to Sonic after church last night. ^_^ My friends are kool. 
We laughed a lot. I love laughing. 
I wish I lived on a beach....that'd be nice. :) with a coral reef. 
I wanna go surfing. 
I getta go hang out in Branson next week! 
This is the lamest post on earth. 
HAHA!! Remember that psych episode, where Shawn and Gus are hostages in the bank? yeah. That's pretty much as funny as it gets. xD xD 
I was at the mall yesterday only about 2 hours before a bomb threat was issued and the place was evacuated. O.O It wasn't a bomb. In case ur wondering. lol. 
We've been keeping BabyDella here the past few days while her Mummy and Daddy are out on a float/camping trip. She's a doll. 
I reallyreally wanna hug a tiger. 

stolen from Caitria's blog! ^_^ 



  1. this was not a lame post.
    i want to hug a tiger too, and yes, that psych was amazing!! :D

  2. LOL. It is a good pic. I know, the first thought that went into my head when I saw it was... Ooooooh. I have GOT to do that one day. :D

  3. Swimsuit shopping. Hate, hate, hate, hate. I could rant on about it forever. :p

  4. Duuude, yes! Surfing looks super cool I tota want to try it sometime. I bodyboard a lot which is a lot like surfing and it's amazing you would really like it!
    I hope you feel better soon! Shall be praying for yah; colds are no fun!
    And that picture? So sweet! I love love it. <3 ^^
    P.s. thanks for using my blog button! I love your's! I am using it on my blog. :)

    1. Oh!! I've seen some bodyboarding before!! It's *so* kool. :D that's another thing on my list of many things to do before I die. prolly before surfing. It looks a little simpler. Lol.
      Thanks. <3
      Sure thing!! Thank you! :D I had fun making it. I felt like a pro geek (even though it was easier'n pie. ^_^)! Lol.


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