Monday, May 7, 2012

Missin' My Allie Girl...

Our beautiful Allegro died last week...
She was the most amazing, wonderful, loyal, and dedicated dog I've ever known of in my life. 
We had her for eleven years, from the time she was an adorable pure white little puppy. 
Our family is so sad. We'll miss her always. There'll never be another dog like her...


Allie and one of her beyond gorgeous puppies.

Allie and I.
<3 <3 xoxo <3 <3 
Love you, Allie.

~Rachel Joy


  1. awe, i love that last pic ^_^

  2. ohhh man...I'm so sorry. I've had a couple of pets die during my life, and it's always so hard. :(


  3. Aww, I'm SO sorry, RinskiiJoy! I'll be praying for y'all. :(


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