Monday, May 21, 2012

It's been crazy...

So much has happened this month. 
biggest thing, for sure, was Noni's visit down here to good ol' Springfield. 
She's pretty much a fantastic girl. It's always a good time when she's here. :) 
I can't wait until she can come again. ^_^ 

Second, Friday was the final orchestra practice for the Summer. 
I'm already looking forward to this Fall when we start back up again. 
:D Friday afternoon was a blast though.
After orchestra Noni, some of her cousins, a few friends, some orchestra people, and us, all went bowling. 
Fun. Fun. Fun. 
It was fantastic. We all laughed out faces off and just had a fantastic time hanging out together. 
After bowling, we all went to Starbucks and laughed and hung out some more. 
good times. ^_^ 
I am zilla's bummed about not having any pictures from that though....:P 

Tomorrow and Thursday night are the performance nights for all the classes. 
It is The huge end-of-the-year concert. We used to be able to do it all in one night. :D 
I perform tomorrow. I'm psyched. I love my songs, love my orchestra, and love playing at concerts. 
It is kinda sad though, becuase several of my good friends from orchestra won't be attending next year.
I'll miss 'em for sure. We'll have to stay in touch and hang out sometimes. :) 

<3 I am exhausted. <3 
Goodnight fellow bloggiterz. 


  1. Aw, I know, I wanted pics too! It was a blast!
    I am REALLY bummed about not returning next year. But I am hoping to continue as a teacher, so I might still BE there!!!! <3

  2. Have an amazing time at the concert!
    I love the pics! The one of Noni and the kitty is sooo adorable! I <3 cats.
    & I love the eye pic too; soo pretty!

    1. thank you, Kate!
      lol. I thought it was adorable too. :D :D
      <3 lol. It was sooo sunny when I took that pic. My eye was open for like 0.12 seconds for that pic. haha. :D <3

  3. that pic of you is adorable..and that one of, not so much:p lolz. @sailor, glad u think so! ;)

    anyway. last week was the bomb. hope you have a good time at your concert today! :D

    1. :D Thank you. whatever! I love that pic of u. It's 'dorable.

  4. That picture with the cat is SO adorable!!! And you're in an orchestra?! That's awesome! Hope you still have a wonderful summer!

    1. hehe. <3 I know.
      yes, I am! :D It's absolutely epic. ^_^
      Thank you! You too! I <3 Summer to death.


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