Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Silver Dollar City!!

Sunday was SDC day! :D Our family (home ppl. ^_^), The Bakers, The older Mitchell kids, The Hardin Girls, and Joshua and Tyana all went to Silver Dollar City for Moonlight Madness! They were open until 10 PM! It was so much fun! Powder Keg is AMAZING at night!! So was Wildfire and The Barn Swing! ^_^ We all had a blast! We were there until past closing because we got in line for Powder Keg at about 9:50 and we were in line for at least 20 minutes. We left the park at around 10:45 and didn't get home until past midnight! After we got home I took a shower before I went to bed. I didn't get to sleep until sometime past 1.
Monday morning I slept until TEN!! Which is INSANE for me!! I never sleep that late even when I sleep in! Sleeping in for me is usually 8:30! Yesterday seemed so short because I slept so long! It has just gone by so fast. :) I spent most of the day helping with house clean up and sorting through, cropping, resizing, and uploading pictures! :) I made a new album of old pictures on mom's facebook and I am going to upload some from our trip to the City on here!
I can't believe July is ALREADY gone.....It is so crazy. This year is going by insanely fast!
Oh!! Mom bought a new camera today! It's nothing fancy. Just a Sony Cyber-shot like the other one we had. 'cept it has High Def video. :D I am THRILLED with it though. lol. I have been so tired of trying to take half decent pix with that horrid little Kodak we had! lol. ^_^  
I better put up some pix and sign off. Have a fantastic week! <3 <3 <3
Jo and Gavie @ the church before we left for SDC.

Jonnah and I rode in Sarah's Purple Cruiser with Emilee, Sarah, and Pastor Floyd! :)

Serious pic. :D :D

Mama loooooves her monsters! :D lol.
Trying to get a pic of Jonnah. She just said "Rachel." and looked away. lol.

Sarah! :D In her classic Road-Trip-With-Friends pose! :D <3

Me an' Em

Emilee Copying my earlier pic. :D lol

I LOVE this one! So cute. ^_^

I look like an idiot but we were supposed to be serious and I was trying not to laugh at whatever it was that Sarah said that Jonnah apparently thought was Hilarvious! :D <3

Still trying not to laugh.....
Nathanael. What a cutie!

In line for Powder Keg

The babies!! They were soaking wet from playing in the sprinklers that were up all over the park.
too cute!

Micah. lol. :D

playing in the sprinkler!

In line for American Plunge

<3 ^_^

Crazy ppl!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D I love us.

On the way down. Ethan's first time riding!!

This was right after we hit the bottom. :D

"I went down the BIG slide!!!" He was such a doll.
Sarah, Pastor Floyd, and Nathanael.


coming off of Wildfire!

Jonnah's fortune.

The group. ^_^

I wish we had gotten a few after dark! lol. We had so much fun. Anywho. I better git. luvluv! <3 


  1. Oh that looks like SO much fun! Awww, we should go together sometime!

  2. Totally Abigail!!!!!!!! That would be so awesome! :D <3 <3


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