Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Well, Not much has been going on recently! :) The past few days Mom, Jonnah, and I have been cleaning out and organizing all the closets in the house. Not my favorite job but I am SO glad it is done! We also went through the scrapbook stuff that hasn't been booked yet and organized it by year. That was a chore. :D Today is a chill day with really nothing going on. Mom is making Lishy's birthday present, the kids are playing duplos, The kids are mowing the lawn, and I'm vegging. lol. 
Sunday was Jason and Gavie's birthday party here at the house. :) They had already gotten their gifts so we just had good food, sang happy birthday, and hung out. :) Me, Jonnah, Tabbi Hamp, and some of the kids all went out to pet the horses that afternoon 'cause one of them had gotten out and had spent the weekend in out yard. :D So while they were all hanging out at the fence we went out to pet them. :) Anywho, That was when a lizard wet up the leg of my pants and caused some excitement and That was an adventure.....
I am SO excited about tomorrow! Tomorrow some of us kids get to go help Aaron and Jen move into their new apartment! I am so glad that they are moving back. :) I have missed them a ton! I'm so excited to see how big Li'l Della has grown. ^_^
Friday is orientation at orchestra. :) Last Friday was awesome. :D It was review and auditions for returning students and  I got to hang out with my gang of girls all day. :D It was so much fun getting to see all of them again! <3 <3
Blogger is acting up today....On my blog list it's not showing me ANY new posts even though I know that people have posted more recent than it is showing me. And on top of that it is showing me ancient posts from weeks ago and saying that they are ALL from 2 days ago. grrr......And it made me upload every single picture one. at. a. time. yep. Blargh. OH well. :D <3 Here are a couple pix from Sunday. <3

And I have to put up one more from a couple weeks ago that I took.  Alejandra edited it for me and I *love* it!! <3 <# <3 ^_^ luvluv!

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