Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Just Life...

Hello! <3
My hands are FREEZING!! lol. This old Beast of a laptop overheats if there is not a fan blowing sideways over/under the keyboard. So mom has a little fan set up to blow right over it. And it freezes my hands. After a while I eventually have to warm up my hands 'cause they are so cold that I am making typos all over the place! :D
So, This week (until Thursday), Dad, Micah, Nathanael, and Samuel are gone to Arkansas to help my Gramma out at her place with some yard work. It is so quiet around here! lol. And I only made like a 3rd as much food for lunch with all those guys gone!! lol. It is kinda weird....Until Thursday it will just be Mom, Me, Jonnah, and the little kids at home. :)
Summer break is ending!! :( I am sad. lol. I am not really dreading school (which is strange for me!! ^_^) But I do love Summer. This Friday Orchestra starts up again, then next week is school. :P I am really happy about orchestra though! I love it lots. And I will have a job again which will be awesome. I get to babysit the darlingest little girl on Fridays!! She is such a sweetie! And this year she has learned how to walk! I am excited to see for myself how much she has grown!! <3 <3
*pauses to blow on icy hands*.....
BLARGH!!!! The right-click button on Mom's mouse is broken so I can't open any new tabs on here with out clicking half a million times! And I have to findout how to click it just right. Just regular clicking doesn't work.
I got to babysit my nieces Lishy and 'Laina and my nephew Nedward last night! They are such dolls!! Neddie is learning how to talk and has the cutest voice! And Lish is so grown up! lol! I was putting Neddie to bed and needed to know where his diapers where so I asked Lishy and she told me that they were in the dresser. Elaina's diapers where in there too though so she had to come over and explain to me that the little diapers were "'Laina's Boppies" and the bigger diapers were "NedNed's Boppies". It was so cute!!!!! <3 <3
*pauses again to blow on icy hands.....*
I'm gonna git! My hands are so coooold!! I'm just gonna post a picture that I edited this afternoon then prolly go find some food 'cause my stomach is growling at me. <3 <3 <3 luvluv!!! <3 <3 <3

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  1. LOL about Eilis telling you which were which! Thanks for babysitting the kids last night too <3<3<3


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